Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Travel and the New Zealand Missionary Training Center

Flights: Calgary-San Francisco 3 hours, 4 hour layover, San Francisco – Auckland 13 hours.

Hey guys. 
I arrived in the MTC about four hours ago. The flights went smoothly. The flight attendants all knew I was a missionary and they all wished me luck as I headed out. In San Francisco during my super long layover, I was alone for about three-ish hours, until I noticed a Sister wearing a skirt. She asked me if I was going to the MTC, and it was so nice to see another missionary. We also ran into two other American missionary guys. The missionaries on my flight were, Sister Trull, Elder Gibson and Elder Willard. All nice people. All three of them are serving in the New Zealand, Auckland mission.

At the MTC I am the only person going to Tahiti so far. The others all arrive this afternoon. I was called to be the district leader of the French district, which kinda scares me.

It seems like it will be a super long two weeks because the schedules are very full. New Zealand is really humid, and people drive on the wrong side of the road! Ha ha.

Well, day one. I’m kinda flustered still, there is a lot going on. Just letting you guys know I'm here and I'm not dead. I will get back to you people on the toilet flush thing… I haven’t even had time to go to my room.

Elder Goodwin

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