Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas from Bora Bora

Hey guys,

The Skype call was really nice. I really enjoyed the chat. It honestly seems like you guys have a changed a lot in a good direction. It was also so cool for me to see that you guys are taking care of the missionaries in the ward. 

I fear that I dont have a lot to talk about. I kinda got it all out yesterday on the Skype call. I got to show some of the members some pictures of the snow behind the house, they thought that was pretty cool.

I haven’t decided yet if I want keep the islander accent or if, after my mission I want to go back to speaking the French way. I feel like I might just change the way I speak depending on who I talk to. Oh and just a heads up... I made a couple mistakes in my Tahitian in my testimony. Just little mistakes. But what ever. 

Well. I love you guys. it was super nice to talk to you guys. It recharged my batteries a little bit. Thank the Young Men and Young women for the very cool package. We opened it at our multi-island Christmas party and the missionaries all looked up the scripture clues and tried to guess what was in the packages. The only problem is that the number references in the French Bible are slightly different in some places to the King James Bible… which resulting in some very funny moments. Thanks for everything and an awesome tie from the Young Men.

Well. I love you guys! keep on being the best family ever. 

Elder Goodwin

Hello from Bora Bora... Christmas morning

My testimony

Owens, Blater and I walked several kilometers on Ra'iatea to go teach a bunch of lessons. Super fun time.

Tahitian dance crown thingy with custom designed Christmas tie from the Calgary 2nd Ward Young Men...  classic.
Christmas Eve Faatamaaraa... Elder Frazer front left

Monday, 19 December 2016

Whew.... we made it to Ra'iatea

Well we managed to get a boat to take us to Ra'iatea so I am right now on freaking Ra’iatea! The boat ride was a lot better because the boat was way bigger and faster. The set up is a lot like the last time... sleeping in the chapel with the elders of Huahine. 

We don’t really have a lot of time to do emails today, but it kinda works out because I need to leave a little bit of material for the Skype call on Christmas day.

8 o’clock (Tahiti time) works for me. I may try and be on around 7:30 so anyways we will see each other on Sunday! wooohoooooooooooo.

Well I gotta roll, we will have a bunch of news about 'ma lyfe' during the Skype call.

I’ve got about 20 minutes then we have to go plan a skit for the Christmas Party.

Stay tuned!

Elder Goodwin

Oh and Merry Christmas is something like "Ia maita'i teie nei noela.” Keep in mind the L is pronounced like an R. there are no L's in Tahitian.

I still love ya!

Elders Fraser and Goodwin

Monday, 12 December 2016

Ring ring, hey is your Fa'atoetoera'a-ma'a running?

... better go catch it then!

Hey Guys! 

Seems we don’t have a boat to take us to Ra’iatea for a joint missionary party. Normally the party is on the 19th. but we can’t go. So we will probably just sit in a small room together and sing Christmas carols while crying over 6 packets of Ritz Crackers. Joking. But honestly we will probably do very little for Christmas now... although our Ward is doing their Ward Christmas party at the St-regis Motu. That is gonna be AWESOME! 

Sooooooooo, this week was pretty dang rough, with Christmas just around the corner, the partying will be going through the roof. If it is anything like last Christmas, these next couple weeks will be full of parties and loud music. Honestly, this week I felt like we were really busy but kind of unproductive. We just ran around all week. We did hours of contacting to fill the void of cancelled lessons, but still ended up giving president a truly crappy report this week. 

Well, there really isn’t much news this week, and there really aren’t any photos to send over. But this next week we will be doing a lot of Christmas party stuff, so there should be a good old bunch of photos for you guys to drool over. 

Tahitian word of the day is . Fa'atoetoera'a-ma'a which means fridge.
Fa'a when added to the beginning of a word makes it a verb. Toetoe means cold. So Fa'atoetoe means "make cold" or " to cool". Ra’a, when added to the end of a word makes it a noun. So Fa'atoetoera'a means "the make cold thing" or "the make cold object" and ma'a means food. So the word literally means "the make food cold thing"

I love you guys. have a good week!

Elder Goodwin

Roromatai (on Raiatea) Missionary Conference with  Elder Cardon of the Pacific Area Presidency.

Monday, 5 December 2016

New comp... and more work to do here in Bora Bora

Dear family and friends,

We are trying to get a trip worked out so that we can go to Ra'iatea for a Christmas party, we are still working that out good ol Pres Bize. It would be really nice to get out and stretch the sea legs again. 

The Weather report here in Bora was actually pretty bad this week. It rained a whole bunch. It kinda sucked because most of the lessons we do are outside---it is rare that we are in peoples' houses. So lots of lessons get cancelled when it is raining. 

It is also more difficult to find teaching appointments when the population is spread out. In Taapuna my most densely populated area (300 plus people on a 500 meter strip of road) it is very easy to find lessons. But here I find we do a lot more running around than actually teaching. But we do find about 16 plus lessons a week… even with the rain. And yes I think over all, here is more rural that Mataie'a. 

Yes there are a lot of tourists here compared to other islands, but there are a lot of locals and most of them speak very good Tahitian. More than Tahiti I would say. But also in Tahiti one quartier changes from the next when it comes to the amount of Tahitian spoken. This is probably the area I’ve served in with the most Tahitian. But at the same time it is also my area with the most English. 

SOoooooooo my companion got a transfer wall on Friday. He is going to Papeno'o on the northern part of Tahiti. I really like serving with him, he is a young missionary but he picks things up super quick, teaches really well and has a good sense of humour. All in all one of my favorite companions. We did a lot of work together and had a lot of fun doing it. 

Now my new comp is Elder Frazer from Vanuatu. He has been on his mission for about 1 year and his native language is the wonderful Bishlama, a pigeon of English.I think I’ve spoken a little bit about this language, it is basically sounds like a young person heard English and then wrote it down. So now I will be doing a section of my email called VANUATU TIME, where I will tell you stories maybe even a little insight into the wonderful language of Bishlama. Be sure in your free time to look up the "Buk Blong Momon." 

Olsem wanem=how are you.
Mi likem yu=i love you.
ae blong yu i naes=you have beautiful eyes. 
(pronounced=eye blong you ee nice)

Thats what's up in my world. Just keepin it real on the flip side home slices.  

mi likem yu!

Elder Goodwin

p.s. Talking about the weather at home… I am so scared for the cold when I get home, I may just die the moment I step out of the airport. 

The last walk of an awesome companionship!

Kinda corny

Taking Elder Larson to the Airport for his flight to Tahiti

Yay... my new companion, Elder Frazer

Monday, 28 November 2016

Little miracles...

Hey guys!

I actually have the Christmas package in my room right now. I picked it up off the HavaikiNui last Wednesday. Mail is actually pretty quick to get here. 

There is a transfer on the 5th of December, I will most likely not move (but you never know) and there is about a 50/50 chance that my companion will move. It is pretty crazy that there has already been one transfer that flew by during my time on this tiny little rock. For Christmas we might meet up with the missionaries of RaroMata'i in Ra'iatea. That would be really fun. I think the boat won’t be as bad a second time. Next time I’m going in P-day clothes for the trip instead of dress clothing. 

I got a couple cool pictures from Claire this week. I’ve asked her to send me a couple pictures every once and a while. It’s cool for me to see how much people change--and how much some people seem to not change at all.    

Oh and talking about airplane stuff. Mom, do you know WestJet is friends with AirTahiti, not TahitiNui. Air Tahiti is the company that goes from Tahiti out to the other French Polynesian islands, but does go international (except the Cook Islands). 

Miracle of the week:
We needed to go to a Member ladies house to go give her a heads up for her Faatamaaraa. She lives just a couple houses over, so we walked over there at about 7 o’clock. She was out on here porch talking with a lady that we have never met and her kids were just chilling beside her. We got up close and we realized that she was completely in tears, she seemed to be going through a really, really tough time. She came up and started kind of yelling at us telling us that she doesn’t believe in the Lord any more. We talked to her for a bit and ended up offering her a priesthood blessing. We came up and invited the non-member lady to come and watch. We explained to her briefly what we were going to do and what the Priesthood blessing is. We then did the blessing and after, the member lady was all smiling and saying sorry for what she said. She changed 100% from 5 minutes before. We then started chatting and laughing. 

All the while the non-member lady was looking at us with awe. We then talked to her a bit more and realized that we had contacted her daughter two days before and fixed a lesson with her. This lady asked if after her daughters lesson the next day, if she could get a blessing. The next day we had a great first lesson with her daughter and the lady arrived with her husband. They both wanted blessings. The lady more specifically needed a blessing because she had an accident and couldn't sleep because of back pain. We did the blessings and the lady and her husband cried the whole time. 

On Sunday we did the first lesson with the lady and her husband and she shared that she doesn't feel her back pain as she did before... and she has been sleeping really well since we did the blessing. Our lesson was really powerful with them. They already have a testimony of the power of the priesthood. They have a lot of potential and they were found in a very miraculous way. 

This week was great. we got tons of work done and have been seeing tiny little miracles left, right and center. 

Oh and you guys should go and watch the Moana movie. It has a bunch of Tahitian stuff in it. A lot of the names in the movie are Tahitian, Hawaiian, Fijian and other polynesian cultural mythology. Moana itself means ‘ocean' or ‘deep' in Tahitian. 

Thats my email.

Luv you guys!

Elder Goodwin

The resort you are looking at is the intercontinental Moana beach resort.

Typical day in the mission field!

Monday, 21 November 2016

...for a "three hour tour, a three hour tour!"

Hello fam jam!

This week proved to be the most tiring of my mission, but it was very enriching.

Tuesday morning we met up with a rather grumpy old man and hopped on his boat and set off for Ra'iatea. His boat is a reasonable size, but still pretty small when it comes to the open ocean. We all got kinda worried when we realized that some people can actually jog faster than this boat can move through the water. It was clear pretty early in the trip that this was gonna be a fun 3 and a half hours. The open ocean was pretty calm on the way there, but what you have to realize is that we were going head on with the waves going to Ra'iatea, so even though it wasn’t storming, it felt like an airplane flying through heavy turbulence, while a one armed pilot was trying to change a baby's diaper. 

After 3 hours we, in fact, arrived in at Uturoa in Ra'iatea. We were all soaking wet because of the salt spray. I could feel my skin stinging because of the salt. We then grabbed all our stuff and walked through downtown Uturoa looking like homeless people... until we arrived at our home... the Uturoa chapel. 

We showered there and hung up all our stuff to dry while we waited to join the Ward there for their Reactivation activity. The next day we had our Missionary Conference with all the missionaries of Raromata'i, (the islands of Ra'iatea, Huahine, Tahaa and Bora Bora). Elder Craig E. Cardon (who is currently serving as a member of the Pacific Area Presidency) was present with his lovely wife. They did a conference that lasted pretty much all day. It was a great experience. They taught us a lot of things we can do with our investigators to help them progress, and we have been applying the things he taught us all week. I honestly learned so much. it was one of the more spiritual meetings I’ve been present in. The good ol Pres Bize (Mission President) and Sister Bize were there as per usual. they are really great.

Overall a great Conference. 

The Return trip was a bit scary at first because it was very windy and very stormy. The waves were massive sometimes, but thankfully we were going with the waves. The Grumpy old man was taking advantage of the waves by surfing the boat on the waves to gain considerable speed. The most scary thing was that sometimes the waves started to turn to boat on its side---we were so close to swimming back to Bora at least 5 times. My comp didn’t take the return trip very well. He may have fed the fish a little bit. 

After getting home, all 6 of us were so tired. The rest of the week was super hard, so in order to recover this P-day we are taking things slowly. 

love you,   


Elder Goodwin

The unsuspecting passengers still fresh and excited.

Bora Bora, outside the reef.

Elder Owens (a former companion) keeping it real.

Searing heat, salt spray and sea sickness, oh my!

The little boat we took to Ra'iatea and back

What it is like when missionaries sleep in the gym at the church!
The Raromata'i or the Leeward Islands.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Great week and a really nice p-day adventure today

Family and friends,

These pictures are why I am late to emailing. It is hard to see from the pictures but the boat is moving at a rather fast pace and I am in fact balancing out on the outrigger. We went to a small Island (motu) that the family who took us owns. They took all 6 missionaries out to the motu and made us some food out there. Oh yeah and he said that after the mish, if I want to stay there, I can stay for free… hmmm. Oh and the name of the motu is "motu tane iti" it is really close to the airport and is supper duper tiny.

You asked about bugs… Sometimes we have bug problems, but I’ve gotten to the point were not much can wake me from my slumber. Oh and the beauty shots from last week are from a little place called Paoaoa point. If you can find that on google maps, you're golden. 

We sometimes use sunscreen. I don’t really get burned anymore from regular every day stuff. but BTW the back of my calves got absolutely destroyed at our motu visit we just did. I went to scratch my leg and I started to tear up  a little bit. 

My quality of life has been staying at a reasonably high level lately. The work has been progressing a lot... and my companion awesome.

Just a heads up. We have a multi-zone conference on Wednesday on Ra'iatea. All of the islands of Raromata'i will be attending. We are taking a tiny little boat all the way to Ra’iatea tomorrow morning and will be returning on Thursday. I will have tons of pictures. 

Well. Sorry for the short email. I feel like I am really bad at sharing my experiences. Just know that missionary work isn’t easy but it is really fun sometimes. Peace and love!

Elder Goodwin

Elder Owens making some members laugh by doing the mermaid pose.

Elder Tepuhiarii playing the kamaka.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Working hard and seeing success

Hey guys. 

All is well. The work is going well, we are finding lots of people every week, and the potential is starting to increase. Larsen and I are working really hard right now to boost up the area a bit. There is a chance that two of the missionaries here will get transferred next transfer, which is at the beginning of December, but they may just stay here until the New Year. We will see who is all still here for Christmas, normally i will most likely still be here. Packages shouldn’t take to crazy long to get here, because after it arrives at the mission office, they drop it off at the boat, and we pick up stuff from the mission office maybe once a week. My pants should be fine. I’ve gotten really good at sewing lately so all my pants are in really good shape. I may just replace one pair when I get back on Tahiti. 

I love hearing that you guys are taking the Elders places and helping them out. You have no idea how much of an affect Members that love the missionaries are until you are one. My one advice to you is to always treat the missionaries as your own sons. The people and moments I love the most on my mission are with families that treat me like I’m part of the family. 

I love you guys!

Elder Goodwin

The Va'a race (outrigger or in French piroge) The HavaikiNui finished here in Bora Bora on Friday. It was actually in our area so we decided to see what we could see. You guys should look up some videos from the HavaikiNui, it is super crazy cool.

Our humble abode

Elder Larsen and I found a crazy good view whilst contacting around in a very remote part of our area. 

There are markets for black pearls everywhere on Bora

Add caption

Monday, 31 October 2016

Getting to know our new Ward

Dear friends and family,

In answer to your questions about the island… we have a couple cheaper 4 star and lower resorts in our area; (Anau, Vairou Bay) but all of the five-star $10 000 dollar a night resorts are on the Motu’s, (little atoll islands surrounding the main island). Every once and a while, our wards head over there to the motu's for ward activities. It’s really nice to be in a rural area, but when the population is more spread out, making it more difficult to be efficient as a missionary. When your next lesson is at the other side of the island, it makes it tough to get to lessons on time.

it is about 15 kilometers for us to get to the chapel (in Vaitapi) from our house, so it is about a 25 to 30 minute drive If you don't get stuck behind a rental car moving at about 20 kilometers an hour. The island is 32 Kilometers around.

No need of shoe polish, I’m still going strong, 

Halloween here is a little different, they didn't really go door-to-door like we do. They just dress up an go to parties and there is a fare amount of drinking… We actually hardly noticed it was halloween until a member brought it up. A couple members gave us some candy. 

In The French Polynesian islands, the only real land animal that can do some sort of harm are wild pigs. But they tend to hang out high up in the mountain. Every once and a while you run into a goat wilst contacting up in the mountain. 

Ok Tahitian lesson time.
1 Hoe, 2 Piti, 3 Toru, 4 Maha, 5 Pae, 6 Ono, 7 Hitu, 8 Va’u, 9 Iva, 10 Ahuru, 
11 Ahuru ma Hoe, 12 Ahuru ma Piti, ….20 Piti Ahuru, 21 Piti Ahuru ma Hoe, etc.

I Love you = "Ua here vau ia oe" (one person talking to one person), “Ua here vau ia orua" (one person talking to two people), "Ua here vau ia outou" (one person talking to 3 or more people.)

Hi, how are you = Iaorana, Eaha ta (Oe,Orua,Outou) Huru? or for short. Iaorana, Achuru? 

Merry Christmas = Ia oaoa (oe, orua, outou) teie noela (L's in Tahitian are pronounced as R's)

Does this dress make me look fat? = E mea poria anei vau i roto i teie ahu?

I will send pictures of the apartment next week. 

This week was really great, lots of work was accomplished. companion is still doing great, supper good missionary. no complaints!

Elder Goodwin

Elder Larsen and I helping a Mami make Firifiri

Deep fried flour, sugar, yeast and coconut milk goodness!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Bora Bora... first week

Iaorana Ta'u Utuafare. Eaha ta outou huru? 
Hello my family, what's up?

Yeah, Elder Loyd went home. He got crazy super sick and nobody knew what it was. Because of that there were only 5 missionaries on Bora for about 3 weeks.. so Elder Larsen served in another Ward on Bora until I arrived. So there have been no missionaries in the area for a couple weeks. I didn’t really know Elder Loyd too well. He served on Tahiti for a bit and then he went to a super cool island called Tubuai. Then he arrived on Bora. so I’ve seen him around but I dont know a lot about him. We all hope that he can come back pretty soon. 

To answer your questions. There are Three Wards on Bora Bora, but only one chapel. They bought the land for Stake Center a little while ago, because they are thinking of taking the Islands of Tahaa, Maupiti and Bora Bora and making the Stake of Bora Bora pretty soon… but we don’t really know when they are going to do that. 

I don’t know how to explain where we live, because addresses don’t exist here. If you want to describe were you live you have to do it by land marks. We live basically on the oposite side of the island (the east side) to the chapel. We live ocean-side of the highway and we have a very small house. I actually love the house. Actually, I just looked at google maps, we live in VAIROU bay. You will see a long dock. Go south of that dock a couple meters and you will see a second smaller dock. We live in the white roof house in the property just south of that small dock. We aren’t right next to the ocean, we are the one closer to the highway. (have fun)

Elder Larsen is super awesome, we have a very similar sense of humor, but he still works really, really hard and speaks very good French for being only 12 weeks in the field. So far, I’m having tons of fun and getting a lot of work done. 

I like the more rural area of the island. It is a lot more quiet, but our area is huge, Its literally the most northern point of the island to the most southern point of the island, known as Matira beach. Its freakin massive. My last area was 1.5 kilometres long, this one is over 15 kilometres long.

My bike arrived on the boat "the HavaikiNui" on Friday. Our area would suck to bike in, but if our lessons are close it wouldn't be too bad. 

I got to meet the Ward on Sunday and it went really well. They were kinda happy to see the missionaries back after 3 weeks of nothing. They seem super cool, I'm crazy pumped to get this Ward moving. The work in Anau is a bit sleepier than the other two Wards. Its kind of a rough start because we had no lessons fixed this week. So we visited a lot of people and did a lot of contacting, so next week we have a bunch of stuff to do and we will hopefully start getting this area pumpin out some big numbers. 

Well, one year has passed, I am now slowly working my way though the second half of my mission. I burned a shirt the other night. I’ve got some cool pictures of that, 
I just have to wait a bit to send the pictures and can use the other computer. 

What do you guys want to know how to say in Tahitian? I don’t know what to teach you guys...

Elder Goodwin

Matira Beach

Cute little hermit crab/ Matira Beach 

A nice little cake a member got me for me for my hump day anniversary.
Preparing for the ceremonial burning of the worst white shirt for the one year anniversary.

Ho'e matahiti i roto ta'u misioni. One year on my mission!