Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Conference, great member missionary work and a hike too!

Helllo! Family! 

First thing is first. Sorry for not emailing on Monday. We had a General Authority who came down and made us displace our P-day so that we could do some zone conférences. We had a bunch of trainings all week with him, so we didn’t have a whole lot of time in our area. But we still managed to get a lot of work done this week. 

This week I witnessed the best member missionary work I’ve ever seen. Our Bishop has been motivating the members a lot and they are for sure doing their darndest to help our investigators feel integrated. We honestly don’t even have to engage our investigators anymore because the members are inviting them and helping them 24/7. Thanks to their efforts we scheduled three baptisms this week. And there are about four more that could be fixed by next Sunday. The difference a supportive member can make in the life of an investigator is infinitely important. 

I was able this morning to go to the market en ville and pic up a few things that I’ve been meaning to buy for a while. 

Oh and I will likely get my wooden sculpture stuff fumigated and shipped. I will get the rest of the stuff from Raiatea this week normally. So I'll start shipping it all as soon as possible. It doesn’t seem to be soooo expensive, the Mission office seems to know how the system works. 

The hike today was really a hike because two out of the three waterfalls were closed off because of flood damage. But it was fun anyways. 

Do you guys want anything that I can get a hold of here. I bought some more pareos made with a different material. 

Sorry for not emailing on Monday. I still love you guys! See you guys in 19 days!

Elder Goodwin

A random picture of the water fall. 

A picture of a duckling that the Elders in our zone saved from some bully chickens. 
His name is Ricky.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Message from President Fox Facebook blog

For any parents who read this...our mission has multi-zone conferences today and tomorrow due to a visit by Elder Ardern of the Seventy. Our P-day is this Wednesday so your missionaries will be writing then. Merci!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Serving a big, big area

My people,

We now live at the far end of our area in the community of Hitia. Our area is really big. If you were to look on Google maps or Google Earth, when you see a little atol called Variararu, there is a little lighter looking blotch in the water in between the atol and the island of Tahiti. The best way of explaining it, is that we live just on the sea side of the highway not far from that little blotch. Good luck finding the appartement. (editor’s note: Elder Goodwin’s spelling is getting very French) Our area keeps going a couple kilometres farther after that. 

I bet it was nice to see tha fam jam a little bit this week. Hannah sent me a picture of Caleb, he's huge now. 

Our ward is really great. We have a Young bishop who is very motivated and very consecrated to his calling. I got to do a couple visits with him on split this week. Super great guys. He has three Young kids, so his house is always hectic, yet you can see that having a family is his greatest source of joy. 

I haven’t been able to see any of my previous investigators or new converts. We just live on a really far part of the island and we have to have special authorization to leave our zone. We are trying to work out occasions to meet up. I know my last week on my mission, another elder who is finishing is going to come with me and we are going to do a tour of the island visiting people. I'll keep you guys posted.

We are going to be doing the little three waterfall hike thingy this afternoon with most of the zone. 

I feel bad, i really don’t have a lot to report this week. We just worked a lot and taught a bunch of lessons. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Love you guys!

Elder Goodwin

My companion,  Elder Hollowel, from North Carolina, and I

Monday, 2 October 2017

Great area... the apartment AC is killing me

To my people,

Fun times here in Tiarei (on Tahiti). Our area is pretty big. It covers from the tunnel all the way until Hitia. So we take care of the third largest area in the mission (Tevaitoa/Vaiaau). Anyways, this area is really great. It is the lesser populated side of Tahiti and we have some super great ocean views with waves crashing into rocks right beside your car as you drive. We drive a pick-up truck, kinda like the old white one we had on Raiatea before we got “Kelly" (our new truck). Normally, we are going try and do the Faarumai waterfall hike in the coming P-days. It is right in the middle of our area.

We have AC in our room in our house. That being the first house on my mission that has had AC in it. I got pretty unlucky when it comes to missionary homes. We set the thing to 23°C and I swear I almost died from the cold. My extremities were starting to go numb. I have absolutely no Idea how I am going to survive in Canada.

My companion is Elder Hollowell from North Carolina. I didn’t know him too well before this but I knew a lot of Elders that served with him, and he knew a bunch of my old companions. So we got along really well right away. Honestly... he's a golden companion to finish with. He finishes his mission on the transfer after me, so we are literally the two “oldest" Elders in the mission right now. And, in our house we have the Elders of Hitia who are not technically part of our zone. But Elder Koyle (Idaho) and Elder Hone (Utah) are in the house with us. Koyle has been out one transfer and Hone Got Here last Monday! So we are the two oldest and they are the two youngest. Fun times.

We have been sooooo busy this week. We have a bunch of really great investigators here. This area won’t give me any time to be trunky. But I'm really starting to realize that I’m going to miss this place a lot. French Polynesia has become my home. I have come to know the people, the culture, the language, and the area in general---that I no longer feel like I’m serving far from home. It feels like I am home. 

Well, life is sweet, I hope my Facebook will stop being messed up. Faaitoito (good luck). Satan’s trying to get one last stab in right before I come home. (Editor’s note: Elder Goodwin’s Facebook was hacked today and Michele spent the day trying to get it suspended and investigated).

Love you guys!

Elder Goodwin

Farewell pictures from Raiatea

My Ward Mission leader on Raiatea... one of my best friends while on my mission

Our guide for all the great hikes!

On splits in Tiarei, going proselyting in the jungle.

There is a good lagoon in Tiarei, so we have a pretty rocky and wavy sea side. Super cool.

Random picture in our area.

Monday, 25 September 2017

My last transfer to the north coast of Tahiti!

7:05 a.m. local time, Raiatea---Hey guys. This isn’t my big email. If I have time later today I'll send another. This is just a heads up that I’m taking a plane in like an hour to go to Tahiti. I will be serving in Tiarei as senior zone leader for the stake of Mahina. I will be finishing in that area. I'll send more news when I get to Tahiti!

Elder Goodwin

12:39 p.m., Papeete, Tahiti---Hey guys. I won’t be able to send any pictures this week because of lack of time. But I’ll be sure to send a couple pictures next week. 

I took the plane this morning and I'm currently sitting on Tahiti doing my mails at a member’s house. There is a pretty big transfer going on right now, so we are and will continue to be pretty busy for a couple days running around dropping people off at the airport and dropping stuff off at the mission office. I’m in a trio for a couple days until the other Elder takes the airplane to replace me in Raiatea. I will be serving with Elder Hollowell from North Carolina. He will be finishing his mission in three months so we will be killin it over here for the next six weeks. 

In reference to the Calgary ward reorganizations… It’ll be really interesting how the new Ward works out. it's really going to change the dynamic of the ward. 

Well, I don't have much to say and not much time... I love you guys. I'll try and keep you guys in touch next week about how the secteur is. 

Elder Goodwin

Monday, 18 September 2017

The hair is great... working hard on Raiatea

As for transfer news I know absolutely nothing for sure. But because of long-time experience dealing with transfer calls. It is 80% sure I will be transferred but as to where I will be going there is no possible way to predict. Transfers are the most illogical thing. There is no way to predict it. It's just pure revelation. 

My hair is doing well... as usual. (editor’s note: we sent some hair product to him at his request).

Basically this week was a super great week in the area. We managed to work a lot with the members (which had been our goal). We felt inspired to visit a guy in our in our Ward to engage him to find us an investigator. When we chatted with him he said "do you guys really want a reference" then he turned and led us to a house a little ways away and introduced us to his brother. We had a great discussion with him and it seemed that he really felt the spirit. We fixed another lesson for later this week. Now that's how missionary work should be. We literally engaged a member, visited a reference, taught a lesson all in about 30 minutes.

Next week we will be heading over to Tahaa for a training with Haamene Branch (a small congregation) and the Ward of Cumorah and the Branch of Hipu. (there are two branches and one ward on the island of Tahaa). We will also make the most of our two-night stay by doing a split with the 4 four Elders over there. 

Well that's basically all I’ve got for you guys. Today we will be working at our branch mission leaders place. We will be finishing up our little projects. Stay tuned!

Love you guys!

Elder Goodwin


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Teaching, traveling and Tiare Apetahi

Hey guys, 
I’m writing late because this morning the district united (got together) and climbed a mountain. It was great. I sent some pictures of the highlights. 

This week was a very good week. We taught lots of lessons and managed to find a new investigator through a reference from a member. Always awesome when that happens. It’s one of the member’s brothers who is going through kind of a rough patch in his life. He’s very receptive and motivated to find solutions through the gospel. Golden find.

Other than that... the week was very normal. We got to fly in to Tahiti for another leadership council. We had some good teachings from President and Sister Fox, as well as a great, and rather well needed training on leadership roles. It was also great to see some of the Elders I know. When you are separated from the rest of the mission by an ocean for over 10 months people start to forget you exist. 

Sadly we did not have time to stop by “Macdo" this time around... 

Overall a great week. It'll be interesting to see the changes in the North Stake Ward boundaries. It'll also allow you guys to meet some new people. Fun times! 

Thanks for the email. Oh and the package got here. You guys are the best.

Elder Goodwin 

The only two pictures I took of our trip to Tahiti for our leadership council. This is of Bora and the one below is Papeete. 

A cool multi Ward "mini heiva”
A member tried to photocopy their ipad. Made me laugh.
Hike pics. 

Meet Elder Ward (guy with crown thing) Elder Cottle (tall guy) and Mario (a cool member).
Picture of the Tiare Apetahi. Extremely rare flower. There are only two plants like this and they are only found on the Temehani mountain on Raiatea. And yes I did take that picture.