Monday, 18 July 2016

Training a new Elder...

Hey fam jam! a bunch of news this week.

I did in fact buy a new camera.  It is a Sony camera, it is pretty nice. It is not water proof however. (the options here for cameras are very limited) but it takes nice photos. It was about 38000 francs. If I wanted one of similar or equal quality as my last one it would be about 63000 francs... but it'll have to do. 

This week started off with a split with the zone leaders, that was really fun, because Elder Porter is just absolutely hilarious. He ended up getting transfered during this week to Papeete, so he is no longer our zone leader. We ended up getting a bunch of work done, even if we had to cover two secteurs for a day or two. Then I got a call Monday night that I will be training... That scared me a little bit. My companion is Elder Thebaud who is a Tahitian from Punaauia who is waiting for his visa for the U.S. (Arizona, Scotsdale, Mission), but since it takes so long to get visas now, he will be doing his training here. He has not yet gone to the MTC, which is kinda tough, because he hasn’t had any training at all on how to teach and he doesnt know all the missionary rules yet. But it'll come I have no major concerns. He seems to be a really focused guy. 

The mission life went pretty great this week. Found three new investigators, and they seem to be interested. I love finding new people to teach because I LOVE teaching. It is my favorite part of the mission is helping people understand the gospel. 

This week has been great. Love you guys.

Elder Goodwin

Email from Russell’s mission president this week.

Dear Parents,
We are pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Russell James Goodwin , has just been called as a Trainer in our Mission. You can be proud of him for this important calling. We congratulate him for his dignity and dedication in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ by teaching the Polynesian people. We encourage him in this direction so that he can always communicate with the power of the Holy Ghost to witness the Restored Gospel and that his testimony will be received with understanding by those he will have to instruct.

Thank you for having largely contributed to his spiritual growth and may our Heavenly Father bless you for your support.

Warm regards,President Pierre F. BIZE
Tahiti Papeete Mission

I had splits with Elder Porter (Arizona) and Elder Swartz (Washington) this week

No one came to English class this week so Elder Porter gave a lesson on Star Wars deep doctrine to us!
One of my investigators from Taapuna who just got married and baptized
My Tahitian ukelele.
My new companion Elder Thebaud
Our zone

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