Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Parades, baptisms and English classes

I just imagined seeing Crimson Lake again. (Mom and Dad emailed me from the Cabin) It is true that Tahiti and its islands are very beautiful, but sometimes I miss the good old cold misty lakes from my home country. 

Yes we were in a parade this week, there were over 1000 Church members participating and I think almost 100 missionaries. The parade was for Fête de L’Autonomie. It was super fun, I may have winked at Miss Tahiti as we walked by. But no worries she’s probably not my type. 

The work right now is doing ok, as slow as it is--it is still moving forward, progressing a little bit each week. We had a reasonable week, ended up getting a fair amount of work in. My missionary tan is starting to get better that's for sure. I am creeping in on my ninth month mark, which is scary because time has been absolutely flying by. 

We teach an English class twice a week to members and investigators, normally we have about 5-7 people in the class. I've actually really liked teaching English.

Nothing crazy interesting really happened, we ended up doing a convert baptism this week and a primary baptism, which was so much fun, those little doobers are so funny. 
Well I love you guys! Have fun at the cabin! tell the Maupin's I say hi.

Elder Goodwin 

We helped with a primary baptism this week.

I got to baptize and confirm little primary girl this week, that was awesome!

My companion, Elder Tapuhiro got to baptize a nine-year old boy as well. 

Enjoying teaching English...

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