Monday, 12 September 2016

Dengue fever and other evils

Family and friends,

I am doing better, not 100 percent, but better. We went to a doctor during the week and found out that I have Dengue fever. My head hurts really, really bad, I had no energy at all and threw up a lot. It is an evil illness. You just have to lie down, for like a week, to get rid of it.  So, long story short, not a lot of missionary work got accomplished this week. 

I was only on Moorea so that another Elder could visit old investigators and members that he likes. We did it on bike actually. We just cycled around in the area of Haumi and talked to people. It wasn’t the greatest adventure but it was a fun change of scenery for me. It is a lot wilder that Tahiti and is super quiet. 

We had transfer calls last Friday, and me and my comp are staying until October.

Lets hope this next week goes well. I’m hoping for some miracles...

love you guys. 

Elder Goodwin

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