Monday, 20 March 2017

A sign of respect...

This week was pretty rough on the missionary work scale. But we managed to finish the week without being complete failures. Haha, naw it was alright. I'm just being hard on myself. Lots of running around this week is pretty much the best way I can describe the week. We have a bunch investigators that are progressing, but they have little things blocking them like marriages that need to be done, and such. We keep working because eventually these problems work themselves out in their own way. 

Dad I totally reallized that I forgot to even mention your birthday. I am so sorry. I am a horrible son. Just be aware that at the age of 60, in Tahitian culture I have to start calling you Papi. Be Warned. There is actually no reason to be offended, it is a sign or respect for old people. (editors note: a sign of respect for OLD people is it?). 

All is going well guys. I love you guys lots. I also got a little bit of news that I may be finishing in November rather than October. Just a little heads up. but we've still got a bunch of time before that. 

Thank you for all your love and support. Have a great week. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Elder Goodwin,

p.s.: I need to go pick up some elders on the other side of the island, so have to go.

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