Monday, 13 March 2017

White hot focus on the work...

Dear family and friends,

All is well on my side of the planet. the lumps (lymph nodes) are going down slowly every week. 

That's super awesome to here that the ward had a baptism. There is nothing better to bring a ward together than a baptism.

No major news this week. we ate at Bloody Mary's today, and we ate for free because this one American member that used to own Bloody Mary's is the coolest guy ever. Last week we did the same hike we did a couple weeks ago, but we brought our missionary clothes with us so that we could take some cool pictures. there are a bunch of pictures on the other Elders cameras, so I will probably send the other cool pictures next week. 

Funny thing that happened a couple weeks ago that I totally forgot to tell you guys. a couple young men and young women came up to me and told me that they figured out what super hero I am. They said that I look like Captain American.!  ...before he went through the machine that made him all manly. Soooo, I don't know how I should feel about this. I think I should just use it as motivation to workout. Sheesh

Work has been going really well. We have a couple investigators that are really progressing. So I'm feeling really great right now. My companion and I are doing really well, no worries. I’m trying really hard. I'm really loving the Ward I’m serving in right now. I know them all so well now, so its great to work with them.

I'm really sorry that I don't have a crazy amount of news.

Love you guys.

Elder Goodwin

Elder Rolls (Aus) and I doin' a little scripture study.
Elder Bayart (France), Elder Dalton (Chicago), Elder Sylvestre (France) -- my companion.

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