Monday, 29 February 2016

Vallee Taapuna, Puna’auia. - quick transfer

Hey guys. this week was kinda weird. 

On Tuesday night, I got a call from the assistants to President Bize, and he said that there is an emergency transfer.  So now I’m in Vallee de Taapuna in the Stake of Puna’auia. on the west side of the main island. And I’m the driver! I’m gonna get so fat. 

This secteur has a lot of work, and it is pretty much on a mountain side. It is basically just hugely steep hills everywhere. My new companion is Elder Owens from Florida. He is super awesome. He has been out on his mission just one transfer before me. Life is sweet over here, it is way different than Mataiea. 

Mataiea works off of the highway and only has dirt roads that go off into the valleys and is quite flat, Here in Taapuna Valley it is super steep, all paved and the style of the houses is a lot different. I feel like Mataiea is a lot more beautiful, but the work here is better. Just before I left Mataiea, I ate a red tuna sashimi, which is normally quite the amazing experience, but I guess it was sitting out for too long, so all of Friday night, I was puking up a storm. Then Saturday I couldn't really walk very well. But we still ended up getting a bunch of missionary work done. But yesterday and today all is well. I have to tell you, after my mission, my immune system will be rock solid. 

The Elders in my house, who cover the Secteur Matatia next to ours, are, Elder Kokona (Vanuatu) and Elder Stewart (Cardston) Dats right, two Alberta boys in one house. Infact i think Thomas Miller told me to look out for him when I posted my call on Facebook. 

Well. all is well over here, there are some changes, but life continues as normal. Peace!

Elder Goodwin

The Aritaii family and I. Good friends from Mataiea.

My Tahitian father. frere Wheeler (and Elder Elder Lo'amanu)

Me and the Mataiea Ward Mission Leader, Sava Maitai... and his accordion.

My new companion, Elder Owen and I - Taapuna, Puna’auia.

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