Monday, 7 March 2016

Climbing the hills of Vallee de Taapuna, Puna'auia

Hey guys!

I really like my new secteur. It is very different from Mataiea. It is very hilly and has a lot more paved roads. There are some super-rich houses in our secteur (see picture of the gate), and there is a less affluent, more normal part, where we do about 99 percent of our work. 

Our apartment isn't in our secteur. It is just off the highway in a servitude called Chan 1. Basically the house is known for having missionaries in it---so people steal from it every night. We had someone find a way to open the window in the other Elders' room, and he entered into the home while everyone was sleeping. He stole some money and not much else. Thankfully I have my wallet under my bed. So one of these days, if the see a news report that four missionaries tied up a robber and forced it to eat stale crackers until he promised never to come back, It might have something to do with us. Long story short, the other day I had an interview with the French Gendarme, and we made a report related to the break in, so my name is on some official document thingy. FUN TIMES. 

Up on the mountain you can see all of Moorea from here. I haven’t gotten a chance to get a good picture because it has been too foggy to get a good view, but I will get some pictures in the coming weeks... it is beautiful.  

Fun experience of the day. there is this crazy old guy we call Papi. He is super nice to us, and we do lessons in his house. He really likes looking at the sun and praying in weird ways. He says he speaks Hebrew, and he talks and it kinda sounds like Hebrew. We asked him how he learned it, and he said he has a Hebrew bible. We asked to look at it and he pulled out a German bible... hahaha. He says he is the last remaining decendant of Abraham and he likes to talk to Jesus, and Jesus talks back through him in a really weird voice, We tried to talk to the 'other voice’ once. I’ve never felt like I had to cast out an evil spirit before that moment... because what ever is talking, it is clearly not Jesus. When I asked it what its name was and he starred at us all scary like. There are two things we can learn from this guy. Don’t stare at the sun and drugs are really bad for you. 

Thats just about it...

Elder BonVictoire

Contacting in the wealthier areas is a challenge!

Cool dog and our chicken named Randal... too bad about mission rules!

The future of missionary work...

Elder Owen

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