Monday, 21 March 2016

Some P-day adventures

Hey guys… I'm on vite fait. How’s it going? My email this week is pretty lame because nothing too crazy happened, we just worked a lot. Lately I’ve been just learning Tahitian with members, and I’ve been reading a lot, and doing the side by side scripture study. I’ve actually been learning a lot. At this rate, I know within the year I will be able to speak it. It’s a tough language because the structure is so different from European languages... like super different. Example: Ua hinaaro vau ia faaite oe. which means “I want to make you know" or "I want to make you see.” However, directly translated it says "want I to make seen you." Its kinda tough sometimes to understand the direction on speech.

These last two weeks have been a lot of work, we have been doing a lot of lessons, but our secteur is very small so we often find ourselves not knowing where to contact if we dont have a lesson planned. It has shown me the importance of members when it come to finding people. 

Port-a-port is not productive, and there is definitely a better way. For instance, my companion and I ran into a guy while contacting that has a room in a recreation center in our secteur. We ended up working out a deal where my companion teaches a bunch of young men-aged guys how to do jiu jitsu... and I’ve been learning a lot as well. So we showed up to this place, and everyone was looking at us funky because they recognize us as the missionaries. Then my companion impressed the crap out of them by taking on a guy who has done three years of MMA fighting. It was quite the sight to behold. So basically now, all those guys are super chill with us, and the fellow who takes care of the room told us to start leaving with spiritual messages. I see a lot of potential with that. We do it Mondays and Wednesdays.

Funny thing that happened this week... we got home once at the end of the day, and this day in particular was dang hot. When we pulled up—Elder Kokona was sleeping half in the house and half out. So I pulled the car up right beside him, as slow and quiet as possible, and honked the horn. Long story short--we almost had to rush him to the hospital because of a heart attack (joking). Fun day all around

Just know that I am working hard and just trying my hardest to be a good missionary. I hope there more opportunities to teach on the horizon, but one must have faith. I love you guys, keep it real. All is well in paradise.

Elder Goodwin

Random pictures of the week. Elder Owens (Florida), Elder Stewart (Cardston) and Elder Kokona (Vanuatu) and I on the tour of the main island.

Elder Kokona from Vanuatu.

An ancient Tahitian sacrificial place--back when the second of the ten commandments didn’t apply.

Maraa Grotto 
Maraa Grotto

Your average Taapuna sunset! Yes that is Moorea.

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