Monday, 28 March 2016

Busy week - lots of teaching

I’m good regarding the shoes. (in response to a question) All of my shoes are holding together really well. Elder Traydon Stewart is the Elder from Cardston. He is in the same house as Owens and I. Tell his family that he is cool dude. 

This week was actually pretty tough. We had a huge transfer today, so I was driving missionaries for a good portion of the day... fantastic. 

We have a bunch of investigators right now. In fact we average about 20 lessons a week. We are hoping we will find more people who are interested. Do me a favour at home and be nice and support the missionaries you have now. 

My bike is in great shape. I’ve used it a couple of times for splits--in fact my bike is still in Mataiea, seeing as we have a car right now.

I’m really sorry about how bad I am at emailing, nothing crazy happens here, we just kinda work. But I suppose I am not good at remembering the little moments that might be interesting. 

Funny thing that you might want to hear about is that since there are so many missionaries from Vanuatu in our district, I have been in a house with two so far. So I have been learning bislama on the side. Bislama is an English-based creole language. Sometimes it sounds a bit like a 5 year old heard English then wrote it down. “Mi likim yu" is how you say I love you. So the other day there where two RMs (returned missionaries) that served in Vanuatu in our Ward, so my companion and I started talking to them in bislama and we could sustain a conversation. It is super easy to learn for English speakers. So in my home coming talk I am going to bear my testimony in English, French, Tahitian and bislama. In fact I could probably bear my testimony in bislama right now. Heheh

I have chosen my Tahitian name. it is FaufaaMaitai... which mean a 'good win' but more the feeling of a good win.  I have ordered a tag that says OROMETUA FAUFAAMAITAI and I should get it in a couple months... heck yeah! 

Other then that, life is pretty steady.

Peace out fam jam!

Ua here vau ia outou!

Orometua FaufaaMaitai

Our district.

This week's bonus photo!

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