Monday, 23 May 2016

Birthday in the mission field...

Haha. Its good to hear the fam is still doing the whole May long weekend cabin party thingy. Yeah, I got a bunch of emails about mission calls this week, 'twas kinda crazy. It's exciting though. 

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

The Birthday was a very exiting day on my mission. In fact it was much like a regular day... but my companion kept bugging me about it. 

It all started when the night before my birthday 10:25 or 5 to Babylon (as we say). I received a call from a certain President Bize. I'm not going to lie--I was already asleep for about 30 minutes when my companion woke me up and told me it was Bize. I can't remember everything he said, but I distinctly remember hearing him click a button and have some corny music come in, and then he starting singing, in English, Happy Birthday. Which by the way, with the french accent was so funny. The next day I received some other calls from missionary friends saying happy birthday. It was over all a pretty great day. 

That night when we went to our Faatamaaraa (dinner apointment) the lady, who didn't even know it was my birthday, felt the impression that she needed to brush up on her cake making skills so she made us some cake and it was delicious. So I did end up having some cake on the blessed day that marks the 19th year of me not being dead yet. 

We fixed a baptism yesterday. For.............. wait for it..................... the 12th of August. I probably won't be here, but what ever. It is so far away because he needs to marry his sweetheart first. 

Pretty normal week. We got a lot done. It was another one of those weeks where we just did a lot of work. 'twas great.

Love you guys. Keep it good in the hood. Don't do drugs, eat your vegatables and go to school. 

Elder Goodwin

The Elders in the zone of Puunauia. The one with the shells got transferred to the island of Rurutu two weeks ago.
This is my house currently.
The new guy is Elder Mclouglin from Portland, Oregon. He is serving with Elder Stewart now. 

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