Monday, 16 May 2016

The work is progressing well...

Hey Guys! its awesome to hear the news this week! Just curious, how is the fire doing? People keep telling us the "Canada is on fire.” That's basically what happens when the land mass you live on is smaller than most Canadian cities.

Not much news on this side other than the work is progressing at a reasonable rate. We have been working really hard lately, getting a lot of progress going on over here. We did a huge missionary choir performance in Tahitian, and French this week. We will be passing through all the stakes over the coming months. You should be able to see some pictures out in the world and on the Pierre and Bridget Bize Facebook blog.

I have really no photos this week because nothing crazy interesting has happened this week. BUT I GOT LIKE 18 EMAILS THIS WEEK, my fingers are bleeding. Great to hear from everyone. Well I love you guys, keep it good in the hood. I love y’all.

 Elder Goodwin

A recent multi-zone conference (courtesy of Pierre and Bridget Bize Facebook blog) 
Classic Elder Goodwin photo bomb

Elder Goodwin and Mission President Bize

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