Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day Skype call and a wonderful family baptized

Editors note: We enjoyed a long and fun call from Elder Goodwin yesterday on Mother's Day. In leu of an email this week we will relay a little information from the call and share some pictures he sent us.

Elder Goodwin is experiencing the ups and downs of the hard work of being a missionary. He said he finally feels quite comfortable teaching from the scriptures, working with members and those investigating the Church.

He had a wonderful experience recently which culminated with a family united in baptism. The father had been less active in the Church and his wife was not a member. As a result the children were never raised in the Church. Elders Goodwin and Owens worked with the family, teaching and supporting. At some point the mother gave permission for her children to take the discussions and be baptized if they wanted to. During the final discussion before the children's baptism... the mother requested to be baptized as well. Elder Goodwin shared that there were many tears of joy as plans were made. Last week Elder Owens, Goodwin and a family cousin baptized the three children and the father was able to baptize his sweetheart wife. The baptism was attended by family, Ward members, the Stake President and a General Authority.

During the call Elder Goodwin was his normal, animated self... happy, full of missionary adventure stories and clearly growing in confidence. He sent some pictures to share.

Elder Goodwin baptizing the youngest son.
The daughter being baptized by a cousin.
Elder Owens baptizing the older son.

Husband baptizing his wife.
An emotional event. 
Youngest son with Elders Stewart (Cardston), Goodwin and Owens (Florida) 

The little guy who kept peeking into the screen on our Mother's Day Skype call... saying "bonjour tous le monde!"

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