Monday, 27 June 2016

Sun, rain, sun, rain... and keeping the focus

Hey guys, this week was pretty good.

We are trying to breath some life into an area that has been very quiet. We actually managed to get 12 lessons this week which is great. Any time this area gets more than 10 lessons it is a bit of a miracle. We have been working really hard, out of the streets in the burning sun, or the pouring rain---there seems to be no grey areas when it comes to the weather here. I am really enjoying the work, because I have already experienced a challenging area before on my mission, and I feel as though I am handling it a lot better than I did the last time. 

In my spare time, I’ve taken to uncovering strange verses in the Bible. Some of which are mega inappropriate, but apparently it's in the Bible (heh heh). , So I recently ran into one that has become one of my favourites... 2 samuel 10:4.

So yeah. life is going well. The zone is pretty fun, but our district is doing very poorly. I feel bad for the zone leaders. They had the worst week in their entire history as missionaries. They got "chasser"ed from every house, including inactive members houses. They worked very very very hard and only ended up with 4 lessons this week. I talked to Elder Porter this week, who is a very good missionary and was obviously finding this difficult. We must truly focus on being diligent, working hard and being ready for those who do have questions and want to learn about the Church. The rest is in the Lord’s hands.

Well that’s my week. I love you guys! Keep it real.

Elder Goodwin

Typical rainy day on Tahiti 

Elder Tapuhiro, my companion

My new zone! the zone of Paea!

The baptism we set just before I got transfered. I drove down with one of our zone leaders to attend the baptism. The fellow who performed the baptism is one of my previous investigators!

Missionary choir after performance.

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