Monday, 8 August 2016

Adventures of the three amigos...

Friends and family,

This week was a very reasonable week in terms of missionary work accomplished. We managed to get a bunch of good lessons in, and managed to help a bunch of people progress. 

The trio is actually really fun, because the new Elder... Elder Eperania is super funny. He is smart and he works well and communicates well.  But he is just trusting enough that it is super easy to mess with him, so the group dynamic is fun. 

We were on foot this week, because Elder Eperania is waiting for his bags and bike to come in on a boat, considering his last secteur was on the island of Tahaa. So we will likely get his stuff this week.

We are starting to lean back into the hot season here, so I’m kinda scared for how the next couple months are going to go--weather wise. I will probably be completely black in a couple months. There is a super nice old lady in my Ward, who has connections with a luxury black pearl company, so I gave here about 13 of the pearls that I’ve collected and received (it’s a Tahiti thing), and she traded them for about six super nice crazy higher quality pearls and she is going to make two sets of ear rings and two pearl pendant necklaces for Mom and Claire. (you can thank me later). 

Not a whole lot interesting happened this week, just pretty much worked our butts off. We did get blindsided this week. This, fellow saw us on the side of the road and told us he wants to take lessons with us, so we fixed a lesson for the next day. When we walked through the front gate, there were a bunch of people of a certain denomination there and I knew exactly what we were in for. They were really mean in their approach, so I did what anyone would do and called them to repentance using scriptures and we got the heck out of there. Fun times this week. 

Well I love you guys, keep on keepin on.

Ua here vau ia outou, ia maita'i outou teie hepetoma.

Orometua FaufaaMaita'i  

The triumphant return of Elder Ruff... my trainer and first companion. He is in my zone now!

Elders Thebaud and Esperania... my companions.

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