Monday, 15 August 2016

Member referrals are the best...

It’s crazy to hear all the stuff going on at home sometimes. 

This week went really, really well. We taught a lot of really good quality lessons. In fact, the most lessons I’ve ever taught in this secteur. The work is progressing so much right now, and am really motivated. The trio thing is kinda tough overall, but we manage to work around it. The members are really starting to support us and we actually had a bunch of referrals lately. And thanks to those we have a person who desires baptism for next week. Its lady of 72 years old, and she can’t move on her left side. We three elders go and help her get out of car and into the wheel chair each Sunday. She can’t support herself at all on one leg, so she needs to be carried. This baptism will be logistically difficult, but this lady is so awesome. Super duper converted. She has 15 children, so filling out the baptismal papers was a really lengthy process. 

There aren't many huge revelations this week. Life is just kinda moving forward. Next week I will hit 10 months on a mission, that’s kinda scary. 

I got a call from one of my converts from Mataie'a  the other day, and he just asked, "where are you right now." He knew that I was in Paea, so I told him I was at one of the chapels waiting for an investigator to show up. He pulls up with his wife and hands me a big old box of doughnuts and a bottle of coconut water, because he knows how much I love that stuff. He then announces to me that he and his wife will be getting sealed (married)in the temple on Dec 10th. If I am on the main island or on Moorea at that time, I will be able to go with them to the sealing. That is super awesome. There is no greater feeling than hearing those words coming out of someones mouth. 

My Tahitian is coming along really well actually. I’ve been speaking a lot of Tahitian and I can now pray comfortably in Tahitian. I get to practice a lot with the lady we are teaching. She is super great. 

Well that’s my week this week. 
Ua here Vau ia outou. Faaitoito to'u utuafare. 

Orometua Faufaamaitai

We did a lesson sitting down looking out on the beach. Very cool.

The trio keepin' it real!

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