Monday, 1 August 2016

Hope, faith and relying on the Spirit!

I’ve been learning a lot from training. I’ve also learned a lot about the principles of hope and faith the last couple weeks. I had an interview with President Bize this week, and we talked a lot about this. Training has really pushed me to try and be the best possible example I can be. It has really pushed me to rely on the Spirit and be obedient so that I can have the Spirit with me. I have learned lately that just being positive helps you so much… if you are convinced nothing is going to work, nothing will work. It has just really pushed me to learn more, and be able to always have the Spirit with me. 

This week ended with a rather interesting phone call from the AP's (Assistant's to President). Normally there is a transfer going on right now, but we knew already that none of us were going to move, so we were not expecting a call. But we got a call, and I answered with a rather confused tone. He explained to me that my comp and I will not be moving, but we will be getting a third companion. We are going to be in a trio. I am not quite sure what to think yet as I’ve never experienced what it is like to be in a trio before… not sure how this is going to work. Don’t know the Elder yet. He has been on a mission about four months now and is from the island of Rangiroa. We will see how this all plays out. Oh and my current comps English is improving a lot. No word on his U.S. visa.

Other than that, my Tahitian studying has tripled, and it has been improving so much. The members of the Ward are helping me a lot. They gave me a bunch of books in Tahitian and a super good Tahitian dictionary. We did a lesson with a old Tahitian Mamie and I managed to teach a fair bit of the first lesson in Tahitian. I was teaching very simply, but that is super cool to me. I understand most of what people say now. The goal of helping the Mamies and Papies (older folks) in the Ward is so that I can speak it fluently by the end of my time here in Papehue.

I have started a list of "things that are difficult but not impossible.” 

Well, thats my email this week, love you guys. i didnt really take many pictures this week, so enjoy Minouche (the cat).

La maitai oe tei mahana. 
Have a nice day. 
Elder Goodwin

Elder Porter "porting" moi

Me trying to "port" Elder Porter

Enjoy Minouche!

I've still got a little bit of Canada behind my watch

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