Monday, 14 November 2016

Great week and a really nice p-day adventure today

Family and friends,

These pictures are why I am late to emailing. It is hard to see from the pictures but the boat is moving at a rather fast pace and I am in fact balancing out on the outrigger. We went to a small Island (motu) that the family who took us owns. They took all 6 missionaries out to the motu and made us some food out there. Oh yeah and he said that after the mish, if I want to stay there, I can stay for free… hmmm. Oh and the name of the motu is "motu tane iti" it is really close to the airport and is supper duper tiny.

You asked about bugs… Sometimes we have bug problems, but I’ve gotten to the point were not much can wake me from my slumber. Oh and the beauty shots from last week are from a little place called Paoaoa point. If you can find that on google maps, you're golden. 

We sometimes use sunscreen. I don’t really get burned anymore from regular every day stuff. but BTW the back of my calves got absolutely destroyed at our motu visit we just did. I went to scratch my leg and I started to tear up  a little bit. 

My quality of life has been staying at a reasonably high level lately. The work has been progressing a lot... and my companion awesome.

Just a heads up. We have a multi-zone conference on Wednesday on Ra'iatea. All of the islands of Raromata'i will be attending. We are taking a tiny little boat all the way to Ra’iatea tomorrow morning and will be returning on Thursday. I will have tons of pictures. 

Well. Sorry for the short email. I feel like I am really bad at sharing my experiences. Just know that missionary work isn’t easy but it is really fun sometimes. Peace and love!

Elder Goodwin

Elder Owens making some members laugh by doing the mermaid pose.

Elder Tepuhiarii playing the kamaka.

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