Monday, 28 November 2016

Little miracles...

Hey guys!

I actually have the Christmas package in my room right now. I picked it up off the HavaikiNui last Wednesday. Mail is actually pretty quick to get here. 

There is a transfer on the 5th of December, I will most likely not move (but you never know) and there is about a 50/50 chance that my companion will move. It is pretty crazy that there has already been one transfer that flew by during my time on this tiny little rock. For Christmas we might meet up with the missionaries of RaroMata'i in Ra'iatea. That would be really fun. I think the boat won’t be as bad a second time. Next time I’m going in P-day clothes for the trip instead of dress clothing. 

I got a couple cool pictures from Claire this week. I’ve asked her to send me a couple pictures every once and a while. It’s cool for me to see how much people change--and how much some people seem to not change at all.    

Oh and talking about airplane stuff. Mom, do you know WestJet is friends with AirTahiti, not TahitiNui. Air Tahiti is the company that goes from Tahiti out to the other French Polynesian islands, but does go international (except the Cook Islands). 

Miracle of the week:
We needed to go to a Member ladies house to go give her a heads up for her Faatamaaraa. She lives just a couple houses over, so we walked over there at about 7 o’clock. She was out on here porch talking with a lady that we have never met and her kids were just chilling beside her. We got up close and we realized that she was completely in tears, she seemed to be going through a really, really tough time. She came up and started kind of yelling at us telling us that she doesn’t believe in the Lord any more. We talked to her for a bit and ended up offering her a priesthood blessing. We came up and invited the non-member lady to come and watch. We explained to her briefly what we were going to do and what the Priesthood blessing is. We then did the blessing and after, the member lady was all smiling and saying sorry for what she said. She changed 100% from 5 minutes before. We then started chatting and laughing. 

All the while the non-member lady was looking at us with awe. We then talked to her a bit more and realized that we had contacted her daughter two days before and fixed a lesson with her. This lady asked if after her daughters lesson the next day, if she could get a blessing. The next day we had a great first lesson with her daughter and the lady arrived with her husband. They both wanted blessings. The lady more specifically needed a blessing because she had an accident and couldn't sleep because of back pain. We did the blessings and the lady and her husband cried the whole time. 

On Sunday we did the first lesson with the lady and her husband and she shared that she doesn't feel her back pain as she did before... and she has been sleeping really well since we did the blessing. Our lesson was really powerful with them. They already have a testimony of the power of the priesthood. They have a lot of potential and they were found in a very miraculous way. 

This week was great. we got tons of work done and have been seeing tiny little miracles left, right and center. 

Oh and you guys should go and watch the Moana movie. It has a bunch of Tahitian stuff in it. A lot of the names in the movie are Tahitian, Hawaiian, Fijian and other polynesian cultural mythology. Moana itself means ‘ocean' or ‘deep' in Tahitian. 

Thats my email.

Luv you guys!

Elder Goodwin

The resort you are looking at is the intercontinental Moana beach resort.

Typical day in the mission field!

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