Monday, 7 November 2016

Working hard and seeing success

Hey guys. 

All is well. The work is going well, we are finding lots of people every week, and the potential is starting to increase. Larsen and I are working really hard right now to boost up the area a bit. There is a chance that two of the missionaries here will get transferred next transfer, which is at the beginning of December, but they may just stay here until the New Year. We will see who is all still here for Christmas, normally i will most likely still be here. Packages shouldn’t take to crazy long to get here, because after it arrives at the mission office, they drop it off at the boat, and we pick up stuff from the mission office maybe once a week. My pants should be fine. I’ve gotten really good at sewing lately so all my pants are in really good shape. I may just replace one pair when I get back on Tahiti. 

I love hearing that you guys are taking the Elders places and helping them out. You have no idea how much of an affect Members that love the missionaries are until you are one. My one advice to you is to always treat the missionaries as your own sons. The people and moments I love the most on my mission are with families that treat me like I’m part of the family. 

I love you guys!

Elder Goodwin

The Va'a race (outrigger or in French piroge) The HavaikiNui finished here in Bora Bora on Friday. It was actually in our area so we decided to see what we could see. You guys should look up some videos from the HavaikiNui, it is super crazy cool.

Our humble abode

Elder Larsen and I found a crazy good view whilst contacting around in a very remote part of our area. 

There are markets for black pearls everywhere on Bora

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