Monday, 12 December 2016

Ring ring, hey is your Fa'atoetoera'a-ma'a running?

... better go catch it then!

Hey Guys! 

Seems we don’t have a boat to take us to Ra’iatea for a joint missionary party. Normally the party is on the 19th. but we can’t go. So we will probably just sit in a small room together and sing Christmas carols while crying over 6 packets of Ritz Crackers. Joking. But honestly we will probably do very little for Christmas now... although our Ward is doing their Ward Christmas party at the St-regis Motu. That is gonna be AWESOME! 

Sooooooooo, this week was pretty dang rough, with Christmas just around the corner, the partying will be going through the roof. If it is anything like last Christmas, these next couple weeks will be full of parties and loud music. Honestly, this week I felt like we were really busy but kind of unproductive. We just ran around all week. We did hours of contacting to fill the void of cancelled lessons, but still ended up giving president a truly crappy report this week. 

Well, there really isn’t much news this week, and there really aren’t any photos to send over. But this next week we will be doing a lot of Christmas party stuff, so there should be a good old bunch of photos for you guys to drool over. 

Tahitian word of the day is . Fa'atoetoera'a-ma'a which means fridge.
Fa'a when added to the beginning of a word makes it a verb. Toetoe means cold. So Fa'atoetoe means "make cold" or " to cool". Ra’a, when added to the end of a word makes it a noun. So Fa'atoetoera'a means "the make cold thing" or "the make cold object" and ma'a means food. So the word literally means "the make food cold thing"

I love you guys. have a good week!

Elder Goodwin

Roromatai (on Raiatea) Missionary Conference with  Elder Cardon of the Pacific Area Presidency.

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