Monday, 19 December 2016

Whew.... we made it to Ra'iatea

Well we managed to get a boat to take us to Ra'iatea so I am right now on freaking Ra’iatea! The boat ride was a lot better because the boat was way bigger and faster. The set up is a lot like the last time... sleeping in the chapel with the elders of Huahine. 

We don’t really have a lot of time to do emails today, but it kinda works out because I need to leave a little bit of material for the Skype call on Christmas day.

8 o’clock (Tahiti time) works for me. I may try and be on around 7:30 so anyways we will see each other on Sunday! wooohoooooooooooo.

Well I gotta roll, we will have a bunch of news about 'ma lyfe' during the Skype call.

I’ve got about 20 minutes then we have to go plan a skit for the Christmas Party.

Stay tuned!

Elder Goodwin

Oh and Merry Christmas is something like "Ia maita'i teie nei noela.” Keep in mind the L is pronounced like an R. there are no L's in Tahitian.

I still love ya!

Elders Fraser and Goodwin

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