Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas from Bora Bora

Hey guys,

The Skype call was really nice. I really enjoyed the chat. It honestly seems like you guys have a changed a lot in a good direction. It was also so cool for me to see that you guys are taking care of the missionaries in the ward. 

I fear that I dont have a lot to talk about. I kinda got it all out yesterday on the Skype call. I got to show some of the members some pictures of the snow behind the house, they thought that was pretty cool.

I haven’t decided yet if I want keep the islander accent or if, after my mission I want to go back to speaking the French way. I feel like I might just change the way I speak depending on who I talk to. Oh and just a heads up... I made a couple mistakes in my Tahitian in my testimony. Just little mistakes. But what ever. 

Well. I love you guys. it was super nice to talk to you guys. It recharged my batteries a little bit. Thank the Young Men and Young women for the very cool package. We opened it at our multi-island Christmas party and the missionaries all looked up the scripture clues and tried to guess what was in the packages. The only problem is that the number references in the French Bible are slightly different in some places to the King James Bible… which resulting in some very funny moments. Thanks for everything and an awesome tie from the Young Men.

Well. I love you guys! keep on being the best family ever. 

Elder Goodwin

Hello from Bora Bora... Christmas morning

My testimony

Owens, Blater and I walked several kilometers on Ra'iatea to go teach a bunch of lessons. Super fun time.

Tahitian dance crown thingy with custom designed Christmas tie from the Calgary 2nd Ward Young Men...  classic.
Christmas Eve Faatamaaraa... Elder Frazer front left

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