Monday, 20 February 2017

Lots of rain and a busy week

Family and friends,

Mom, BTW I got my hair cut about 20 minutes before I started emailing. It’s hard to find people with hair cutting machines. 

The weather has been pretty sucky. a lot of rain and wind. but I’ve actually heard that a couple Tuamoto islands got absolutely destroyed. It kinda comes with the season. There are usually big storms during this time. All is well over here, we just got really wet this week. 

Transfers are next week. That is the 27th of Feb. We will get the transfer calls Friday night. We bassically have no idea who is gonna get changed, at this point it could be anyone of us two. 

ohhhhh, and my package arrives on the plane (no idea why they sent it on the plane) today at 17:40. I will tell you about the watch and stuff next week probably. 

We went to the Motu again, that was really fun. and by some miracle, I didn’t get sunburnt at all. Overall a really great way to spend a p-day. We invited Pres Bize but he didn’t want to come... pas grave. 

Normally today we are going to eat at Bloody Mary's, and I will be going to the Doctor to get a thing on my neck checked out, as you can probably notice in some of the pictures, just under my ear on my right side. Sorry I didn’t bring this up a long time ago, but it probably isn’t a big deal. I might just have to get it removed some how... sorry again for not bringing this up like 3 weeks ago. I kinda thought it would go away after a while... sorry. In answer to your question… I’m told it doesn’t have a breathing hole. (good news I suppose). 

Well missionary work was really great this week. We found a couple new investigators this week and hope all goes well for them. Elder Frazer and I gave talks this week at church and it went super duper well. 

Well guys, that’s my life right now. Sorry That my emails are kinda lame, i’m just working hard and trying to not die. Stay cool. I’ll take a picture of whatever comes out of my neck.

love you guys,

Elder Goodwin 

Boat ride to Motu Tane Itu last P-day

Elder Frazer and I

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