Monday, 27 February 2017

Well, I'm not going to die anytime soon...

Hello all,

Well. This week I got a blood test done and an ultrasound done of my neck. I’ve got about 4-5 swollen limph nodes in the right side of my neck. The doctor said that normally is is caused by and infection either in my mouth or on my skin. But I dont have any of those. So after the blood test I was told that I am positive for Toxoplasmosis. It is essentially harmless to a healthy person. I don’t even need any treatment. 

The lumps should go down in a couple weeks the doctor said. But he said they may come back every once and a while. Toxoplasmosis only really causes complications immune compromised people, in pregnant women or people with aids. So I just can’t go around becoming blood brothers with people, or get pregnant anytime soon. I can live without both of those things so I think we are good. Normally I would have gotten this parasite from improperly cooked food or from cats... which gives me a reason to stop playing with investigators cats during lessons. 

Yes, we ran into some tourists the other day. They were really nice and bought us all food. Actually on Bora we run into member tourists all the time.

So yeah I totally picked up the watch on Tuesday at the airport. And it works really well. The time wasn't right when I got it, but after about an hour... and a priesthood blessing we were able to figure out how to make it show the right time. If I remember correctly I think I asked for a simple watch. You guys literally sent me the “Bat-Watch." I mean I'm not complaining, its super cool. I’ve been timing literally everything since I’ve had this thing. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. This watch is actually pretty awesome.

TRANSFERS! I totally didn’t get transferred! yay! However, Elder Frazer did get transferred though. He is going to Makemo--a tiny little atoll island in the Taumotus archipelago. I will be receiving a French companion named Elder Sylvestre. He has been on his mission for about three months so I have never seen or met this guy. But I’ve heard that he is pretty chill. I actually really wanted a French companion to help keep my French nice and proper. (the island dialect is more informal at times). We will see how this goes.

So now I know pretty much for sure that I will be leaving in April. There are three elders leaving Bora, one in each area. so we will see how the dynamic changes. And they are all three newish missionaries coming. Two newbies and my three-month-old comp.

Mission life is going really well, the work this week was pretty great. One of our investigators fixed a baptism... which means we have three people that will be baptized on the 25th of March. AWESOME. I don’t really have many photos this week. Sorry guys. But next week I'll have a bunch. 

I love you guys! have a great week. 

Elder Goodwin

(P.S. Michele and Earl got this email and photo this week from a tourist in Bora Bora)

Dear Parents,
Last Sunday we had the opportunity of attending church in Bora Bora. It was quite the experience. While there we meet each of your sons. They are doing a wonderful job there on the island. The members love them and are helping them out in their work. We met them again in town on Monday and we took this picture. Sorry I'm late in sending it to you. We had very unreliable internet service. Thank you for raising such good sons that have a desire to serve the Lord on a mission. As a mother of 3 missionaries I always loved getting pictures of my missionaries. I hope this will make your day a little better. They love you, but are so happy in the work they are doing in Tahiti.

Barbara Jenson
We are kind of hoping Russell wasn't getting a tattoo that day... but they are a bargain at 40% off!

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