Monday, 6 February 2017

Never judge a book...

Friends and family,

Regarding the package… I got a call from some missionaries in Papeete, they said that the package is already there. It will normally arrive here at Bora on the HavaikiNui boat on Wednesday. Talking about the HavaikiNui. I have had to pick up the stuff for Elder Dalton and Elder Rolls plus the sisters of Maupiti recently. In fact while I’ve been here I’ve picked up 4 bikes, 7 large suit cases, a couple large boxes a couple bags and a washing machine. Thats right. I now know all the workers on the boat by name.

Thats crazy, i'll talk to good ol Pres Bize about that when he gets here. normally he is coming to Bora for a reunion on the 11th. (Editors note: This is in response to our discovery that Russell’s mission President Bize’s was President Brent Thomas’s first companion when they were young missionaries in France… and they were again in the MTC together when they were training to be mission presidents. President Thomas was our former Stake President that served as Mission President in D. R. of Congo.)

Oh and the ukulele thing, I already know a lot of the cords and stuff, from just playing at member’s houses. And an Elder in my district has a big old sheet that I’m gonna photo copy that has a bunch of stuff on it. 

Alrighty, so this week we had a baptism. I'll tell you guys the story of this guy, because I think my side of the story is pretty sick.

Sooo. We’re gonna call this guy T. So T is really good friends with a couple members in the Ward, and is constantly at their house working out. They do bench press competitions and stuff. Since we would often eat at the members friends house, we would see T all the time, but we didn’t feel comfortable around him because he would always make fun of us in Tahitian. Even though we understood what he was saying… he thought we didnt understand so he kept up the teasing. 

T was a big drinker and loved to go and fight people at parties. He has had a couple run-ins with the police and almost went to jail. I personally really didn’t much like the guy, but the members would always joke with him and tell him that one day he’s going to take the lessons with us. Heh heh. So one day he was invited to assist a family home evening with the member family, and my companion and I taught a very simple lesson. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but apparently when T heard the message he couldn’t stop thinking about the stuff we said. 

He thought about it so much and he threw out all his alcohol at his house and stopped drinking. Then next week he came to the chapel with the member friends. He would still make loud jokes that were inappropriate, the members told me to teach him. Honestly, I really didn’t want to teach him, because he was too immature... so I prayed one day and asked God to help T so that he could received the gospel. Then a couple weeks later he came to the Ward Christmas party Motu trip. At the beginning of the trip he was still making loud annoying jokes, but about halfway through the activities he got really quiet, he was still smiling and stuff, but he stopped trying to be the center of attention. The next Sunday he came and we took him into our class and taught him a short lesson. He was quiet and listened carefully to the things we talked about and asked questions. We then taught him lessons over the last 4 weeks and he never missed a Sunday at church. 

Then last Thursday, after a very spiritual lesson he fixed his baptismal date for Saturday. We did the baptisimal interview on Friday and baptised him last Saturday at 5 o’clock. I gave him one of my ties. He came to church last Sunday in his new white shirt and the tie. He has completely changed. Just over a month ago he was making fun of mormons, laughing at his friends saying that one day he will take lessons. Now he has completely changed his life, and is continuing each day to be a better disciple to Christ.

Overall a super awesome week. Lots of work and lots of success. I’ve really been enjoying the work here. I really hope I don’t get transferred next transfer. 


Elder Goodwin
Elder Dalton and Elder Rolls
The best companion photo ever!

My companion after an unusually blistering hot day.
Baptism of "T"

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