Monday, 3 April 2017

Busy, busy week plus General Conference


Yes I did, in fact, spend over 10 hours this week sitting in a hot chapel for 6 oclock in the morning until the after noon to watch General Conference!. Long story short I was super tired. We decided to spend Friday night and Saturday night at the other elders' house. So we basically had a missionary sleep over. The only thing that sucked was that we had 6 elders and one bathroom, so we had to get up really early so we could all get to the chapel on time. 

The pareo’s (Tahitian wrap skirts) I bought for the young men included with the postage was only 9000 pacific francs. Not expensive at all actually. I sent it last Monday actually, so it may arrive next week. The postal lady said maybe around 2ish weeks. 

In response to your question about why I am likely coming home in November, I didn’t extend my mission at all. It is just because of some changes in Missionary Training Centre intake dates. Some of the transfer times have moved during the mission so my original return dates no longer line up perfectly. 

All is well over here. Transfers are next week so I’m a little antsy. (I have been here a long time so kind-of expect to be transferred to a new area) but all will work out well. I’m just trying to get work done this P-day so no crazy stories or anything. No huge news. But next week will be a big email probably. 

love you guys. 

Elder Goodwin

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