Monday, 24 April 2017

Little miracles grow a testimony...


Sad to hear about the Flames...

Alrighty, so my Tahitian is actually doing a lot better. Here in Ra’iatea they speak really really good Tahitian. Their way of speaking is very clear and holds a lot closer to the original Tahitian. Sometimes on Tahiti, people speak very mixed up Tahitian that isn’t correct. But the people here all speak very pure Tahitian, even the kids sometimes speak very well. At Church it is about 70 to 80% in Tahitian. So I’ve been getting a huge work out. We teach a couple investigators in Tahitian right now. 

The other day my comp and I got invited into a house with a bunch of old mammies in it. They seemed as though they didn’t want any of what we were bringing... until we just started talking to them in Tahitian. They were just so surprised that two white kids spoke Tahitian. So we talked about that for a while and slowly turned it into a gospel conversation. That’s how it works people!

We had a bunch of miracles this week. We ran into about 4 people on different days that were very clearly prepared to receive the restored gospel. There was a lady that took the lessons 20 years ago and recieved a testimony---but she moved to France for 15 years. After she moved back we were the first missionaries to stop at her door. Then another who took lessons ten years ago. And another couple that has always seen missionaries and have always wanted to talk to them. They have all now become investigators and are mega potential. Overall this week was a huge testimony builder for both of us. 

We also had a weird run-in with a tourist (also and member of the Church) from Texas who kinda got stranded here without money or a place to stay.  We got her in contact with people back home and managed to work the situation out. Some members ran into her at the airport and since no one here speaks English they obviously called us to help. Us being some of the only English speakers here. 

We are going now... to do a cool service project with our branch mission leader who is a master wood carver. We are going to help him with his projects. Lets hope we don’t mess up one of his master pièces.... I’ll send pictures of that next week.

Well that’s all I can think of. If you have questions you can asks em. 

love you guys!

Elder Goodwin

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  1. Ahh to learn from the carvers there is such a neat opportunity! I had a friend named Heimana at BYU-H who carved and he went on to do some of the ones for the temple in Tahiti after finishing school.