Monday, 10 April 2017

So many wonderful goodbyes on Bora Bora...

Well!!. I've got news. I will be transferred this after noon to the wonderfull island of Raiatea. I will be serving in the area of Tevaitoa, so I think this will be a really fun experience for me. We are in the zone of Raromatai, which is the only zone that is based in the islands rather than Tahiti. We have the islands of Tahaa, Huahine and Raiatea in our zone. 

I will be in a car again. We have the wonderful opportunity to drive a Toyota Hilux pickup, that’s gonna be really fun. My companion will be Elder Peel from somewhere in Utah (go figure!). I’ve already met the guy a bunch of times, he’s a super cool dude. He’s been out on his mission for about 20 months now so we are going to be killin it out there. 

I leave at 4 o’clock our time today (Monday, April 10). I get to take a plane this time. We will see how this new area will be. I thinks its going to be great. I'll get to visit the others islands in the zone every once and a while too. It’s only a 20 minute flight. I think that Raiatea is only like 40ish km from Bora. It's kinda like flying from one end of Calgary to the other end of Calgary

I’ve been saying goodbye to the members in the ward all this week. We will have a gathering with the members to say goodbye at the airport shuttle docks. So maybe later today I'll send those picture or next week. We will see. I overall really loved serving on Bora Bora. I’ve promised a billion people that I'll come back to visit some day. The Bishop here offered me his house if I want to come back and the owner the motu that we always go to said he'll let us stay there for free. So if we come back we won’t even have to stay in a hotel. 

This week we absolutely killed it. We were teaching lessons left right and centre. We managed to find a bunch of new investigators thanks to some awesome members and we fixed one of their baptismal dates the first lesson. I'm really happy with the state of the area right now. There is a lot of potential here. 

This week we did a huge Bora Bora wide open house at the Chapel. There were maybe 300 people there and most were not members. Elder Dalton and I took care of the class were we taught people about what missionaries are and we got the opportunity to teach the mayor of Bora Bora and answer some of his questions he has. Nice guy. 

I’m overall feeling really great, really excited for what is to come in my mission. This next area is going to be an adventure. 

I love you guys. have a great week.  

Elder Goodwin

Drawing of me... from Elder Pedron

Visit to the Bora 2nd World War Cannons

Elder Dalton and I

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