Monday, 19 June 2017

5 new missionaries in my zone... busy week!

Iaorana, maita'i oe?

My companion has inspired me in a way to save time doing emails on Monday. I am currently in my p-jays typing up my email in a notes application on our phone. And tomorrow morning (or today if you are reading this) I will send it to you guys pre-typed. I will add my answers to your email as well. I will pop on again in the after noon to reply to any questions. 

Firstly, that’s sick the SAIT thing is going to work out and I have been accepted. I feel like the timing of it all is perfect as well. It'll give enough time to transition well. Yay… winter semester 2018!

Normally today we will be using our Ward mission leader's tools to make ourselves stuff out of wood. Terry and I have some cool ideas, but we will keep it a surprise.

This week was a little rough, but over all we made it through. We had three missionaries fly out on Wednesday and four that came in. Three of which are brand spanking new, fresh and green from the "fenua marite" (America)... well I lied. One of them is from New Zealand. So now in the zone we have 5 missionaries in training, so my patience with broken French has become a daily practice. 

The Elders of Haamene, Tahaa (the island next door) had a little issue with boats and had to spend the night at our place. It was a nice occasion to get to know the New Elder from New Zealand---Elder Coxhead. It was a fun night. New missionaries are always a bit shell-shocked at the beginning. 

In Uturoa we got an old friend replace one of the elders. I don't know if you guys remember Elder Mclelland from my first couple of  transfers. He is now in Uturoa and will be finishing his mission on "special assignment" training Elder Alfred as District leader. 

Thats all I can think of. I love you guys! Have a great week!

Peut-être il faut que je commence a parler en français. Comme ça, ça permet de pratiquer un peux. 

Eh, c'etait la fête des pères hier. En tout cas je veux juste dire merci pour tout les chose que tu a fait pour moi et pour m'aider a me préparer a partir en mission. Je suis carrément contant de voir que tu travail maintenant et que tu prends meilleur soin de ton corps, honnêtement je pense pas que je pourrais le faire si j'étais a ta place. 

Mauruuru maita'i! 
Merci beaucoup!

Tera noa! Nana!

Elder Goodwin

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