Monday, 31 July 2017

Boats and adventures

Hey guys hope you had a good week.

This week was honestly pretty tough. Lots of unplanned things falling out of the sky. Distracting us from missionary work and adding just the slightest touch of stress to life. This week has made me realize that the things that stress me out the most are just dealing with things that go out of the normal daily grind. If the job just meant taking care of our areas and teaching lessons, life wouldn’t be too hard.

First off we did a super great training with the First Ward plus two branches of Tahaa. We stayed at the house in Patio at the Cumorah chapel with Elder Stewart (Canada) and Elder Anderson (New Hampshire or somewhere around there). The boat ride of fun, you always meet really interesting people doing stuff like that.

When we got back we went straight to our district meeting and right after that we got a call that we needed to put our truck on the next boat that leaves the island. So we talked around and got it on the Havaikinui boat that afternoon. So we were told to take the sister’s car (the only other mission car on the island).  So for now, we are driving a Toyota Avanza. Elder Terry and I are still trying to get the girl smell out of it. It feels weird not to drive a diesel anymore.

Then we got home and the stake dude that takes care of all the chapels/our house (because it’s on church property) came to the house saying that he needs to repaint our house right away. So we packed up our stuff and emptied our house, which on the bright side allowed to clean in places that probably haven’t seen the light of day since the days of Adam.

So after that we had not a lot of time to do missionary work. When we got home all our stuff was piled up in the kitchen. So the next day they started painting so we helped a bit. But we had stuff to do so we didn’t stay. Long story short, they are still painting, so we are living out of our suit cases for a couple days now.

Not sure what kind of car we are going to get. Maybe another truck or a van. I hope it’s not a small car, because we have investigators that live in the jungle and we transport bikes all the time.

Normally today we are hiking or depending on the time I send this, hiked the Temehani, a famous mountain because its summit is the only place in the world where you can find the Tiare Apetahi. A very rare flower. Fun times ahead.

I got a text from the Mission office about my return flight. it looks like they are working out the flight home. You may receive the info for the flight way before I do. I'm not sure if the mission has your guyses new email address. It might be a good Idea to send a note about that to the mission office. 

The next Transfer is the 14th of August. So my Companion and 6 other missionaries are finishing that day. So we will have a lot of work to do getting that all sorted out. Since my comp is leaving I will surely get a new comp and have to train him to be Zone Leader. Then I will get transferred somewhere else for my last transfer. I hope my last area is on Tahiti, that way I can go and see the families I know well. Time will only tell my future fate. 

Love you guys!

Elder Goodwin.

Trip to Tahaa with Elder Terry
The view of Bora from the chapel at Patio on Tahaa 

TEMEHANI hike with the zone.ill send more pics next week. It was super awesome. Tons of great views.

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