Monday, 7 August 2017

Huahine adventures in missionary work...

La Lettre hebdo,

Hello! I am sending this early because I may not have very much if any time to email today. Because it is Elder Terry's last P-day on a mission we will be going fishing in the morning with our Branch Mission Leader, and visiting a motu with the district (motu = tiny island on the atoll surrounding the island). 

This week we didn’t really have very much proselyting time in our area. But we were still super busy. We watched our leadership council meeting over Skype for nearly seven hours. And then on Friday we took a plane to Huahine with Sister Basset---our Sister training leader.

We did a training with the Ward Mission Leader+ the Bishop + all the ward missionaries on the island. Then we did splits (trading companions) with our missionaries over there. (1 set of Sisters and 1 set of Elders) I got to work with a young missionary---we biked about 20 kilometres total that day—which was a pleasant change. 

Huahine is an insanely beautiful island. It has the water of Bora Bora in places and the island is open and beautiful like nothing I’ve ever seen. The people are extremely nice, the Polynesian attitude is still somewhat alive. And throughout the super-long time we spent biking, we crossed maybe about 15 cars. So the island is very very calm. It is probably my favourite island I’ve visited. 

Oh and while doing some contacting we ran into some people on the beach collecting and harvesting the meat from sea urchins. Long story short I got to eat some raw sea urchin! It’s very salty but I would imagine it tasting good if it was well prepared. We also fixed a lesson while doing so. 

Saturday night we flew back to Raiatea. So now we are back to normal at least until Elder Terry flies to Tahiti on Friday. I may have to cover three areas for three days waiting for my new companion to fly in the Monday after. In the mission there are 32 missionaries finishing (going home) and 34 starting. Six of those leaving are in our zone, which means a change in almost all areas... Fun times ahead!

I’m doing great out here. We've been busy as ever!

Have a great week! Love you guys!

Elder Goodwin 

Ps: I may need some hair stuff in the coming weeks… just to be able to make it to the end. 

Biking on Huahine

Huahine views

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The sleeping pregnant lady...

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