Monday, 30 November 2015

Fafaru fear factor!

Hey guys,

The guy we baptized this week was the first of a familly of 11 with tons of potential. I performed my first confirmation. It went way better than expected.. I had to spend a couple days memorizing his name, because names here are practically full sentances in Tahitian. 

The mosquitoes aren’t too bad here. I use the repellant at night usually. I’ve only received one or two bites my whole time here so far, so we are doing great on that front. 

On P-days we usually do activities like play soccer as a district, or go to this cool place by the water and eat. We wanted to go on a hike today, but a set of the Sisters in our district lost their phone, then got Elder Ruff and I to pick them up at a store. Turns out they werent at the store, and were at the Stake Center right beside the place we wanted to hike. Long story short we used a allotment of kilometres  and we didn’t get to do the hike today. Another day.

And yes... I have been working on Tahitian. Right now I can speak Frahitian! Most Tahitians on the main island speak French with Tahitian words and phrases thrown in, but i am working on trying to speak it. So I’ve been using Ruffs books to try and learn. In answer to Mom, I haven’t really spoken in Church yet. The speakers in Church either speak Frahitian or Tahitian, but mostly Tahitian. I can understand the slightest sliver of pure Tahitian, but Frahitian I’ve gotten down pretty much. 

Yes... my clothes still fit and I haven’t had to use any of my drugs really. Seems that letters usually take a month to get here and packages take longer.  Oh and whoever in our zone is heading into town that week usually picks up the packages or letters. 

Soooo yesterday Ruff and I got invited to one of our investigator families ma'a Tahiti night. It is all the really traditional Tahitian food (ma'a). One of the items I ate was called fafaru. Fafaru is made when you take ocean water and put it in a clear jar, then let the jar sit anywhere from 2 days to 5 years, to let it ferment nice and good. then you put raw fish in the water for about 4-5 hours. It smells like something I’ve never experienced in my life. The taste wasn’t unbearable but if you breath in as you eat it, say good-bye to that dinner. Oh and you usually dip it in fermented coconut milk. GREAT STUFF. The rest of the ma'a was fantastic. 

Your Tahitian phrase of the week is "ua hina'aro vau ya omaha" which means I have to go pee. 

Overall… all is well in paradise.

Elder Goodwin

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