Monday, 23 November 2015

Mataiea - fa’ata mahara’a oh my!

It's good to hear everything is going well! 

Sorry I didnt take a lot of pictures this week. Elder Ruff and I worked super hard this week. This mission has really high standards to keep up with which is good and, well, the big news is that we participate in another baptism for the 28th of November. Elder Ruff is doing the baptism and I am confirming and giving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Super pumped. It is amazing to help people find the gospel. It is a happiness that I haven't experienced before. 

This week I may have eaten twice my body weight in raw fish, which is a good thing. Every evening we have a fa’ata mahara’a — literal translation is to 'make eat’ -- with members, but sometimes we have two a night. So it is needless to say that we eat a lot. About weather. Stupid hot! I did splits (swapped companions) the other day with Elder Lee Chip Sao, and we were on bikes. I honestly thought I was going to shrivel up into nothing. Oh, and a fisherman gave me the most beautiful shell thingy. I dont have a picture of it, but I will send it once the living creature inside it dies. Oh and during contacting one day we came upon a strange sight. There was this weird ring thing in the yard. Turns out he was training his chickens for a cock fight. It was really weird but long story short I won 200 dollars (totally kidding)… but we do have a lesson scheduled for Thursday.

There is this weird pandemic going around that gives you one or two boils on your legs, they swell up really big, and have weird foreign matter inside of them that you have to pull out one by one, for it to heal. Elder Mclelland got one, and we all performed a minor surgical procedure on his leg. oh and it is chikungunya season. I think that last time it was that season, 90 percent of Elders got it, so good times! 

In answer to Mom’s questions… no crazy spiders, the centipedes are super huge and dangerous, needless to say we check our shoes every morning. We live in a house owned by the Mission. It is really nice by Tahitian standards. We have a big front yard that has a community of chickens living there. Every day is a war against ants, but on the bright side, the Raid smells really good.

I’ve seen some little miracles this week, too many to tell. All you have to know is that.. all's well in paradise.

Orometua Goodwin

The girls are enjoying my jump rope technique!

Elder Ruff has real style with the jump rope.

Me... right now while I write this email.

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