Monday, 2 November 2015

Last day in the New Zealand MTC

Hey!!!! All is well. the MTC is crazy strict and busy, and I also have the joy of being district leader, which makes my life a bit harder. But all is well. We’ve been struggling this week, with our ability to teach simply and clearly. Before my mission I wasnt sure what was worse--talking too much or not enough. I know for sure now that it is talking too much. Teaching as a companionship is a new challenge for me, but we work things out. The key is to keep things straight forward and keep the spirit with you.

My MTC teachers are super awesome. One is a Samoan dude who served in Tahiti. He speaks English so it's nice to have personal conversations with him in English. The other instructor is a tahitan girl who is about 22. She served her mission in Australia so she speaks English well and does a lot of the translating in big meetings. There is this cool room behind glass that the translator sits in with this big head set on and she translates to these headphone things. I’ve had the chance on a few occassions to go into that room to do translating. We--as the only French district, have been teaching some of the English Elders some French so they can say things like "good morning" and stuff. We told one of the Fijian District Leaders how to say "come play," so he could ask one of our sisters to join in on a game of volley ball. He ended up saying vien jouir  instead of vien jouer. I cried sweet tears of joy it was so funny. 

My French is doing awesome and it is getting better everyday. I’ve now gotten good at listening to English and translating into French while the English person continues to speak. It hurts physically to do that for long, but Ive gotten good at it. My Tahitian is coming along. We have been doing little words and short phrases. MaitaiRe stands for Goodwin in Tahitian. The Tahitian couple and I figured that one out.

The MTC is busy like nothing I’ve ever experienced. That stacked on top of taking care of the district that only speaks French, my two weeks have full of humbling experiences. There is so much to talk about I can’t keep track of it. Oh I’ve learned how to do push ups and clap behind my back (super relevant information). I’m so absolutely pumped to be heading off to the mission. The MTC President, President Gibson is so awesome, and a mega spiritual guy. 

I’ve been talking to the Tongan missionaries about grandpa and his mission. Now all of a sudden they think i’m a cool dude and every time I shake one of their hands, I say the only word in Tongan I can remember, which is "hua kao" or “milk." And yes.. I’ve played some rugby with the missionaries. You can tell that the people over here have a rugby culture. They play with a lot of creativity.

How is life in the frozen north? Have you gotten the first snow fall yet? Christmas is going to be so weird here... I'll send pictures of me throwing sand balls and making sand angels.
How's the blog coming? Am I world famous yet? I'm sorry, so much happens in a day, it is impossible to recount all the stuff that happens here--so I'll just say this, It is the single greatest learning experience I’ve had so far. I love you guys so much! I'll see you on the flip side!

I leave for Tahiti today at 4:00 p.m New Zealand time! Aaaaaaahhhh! All the Tahitian and French Elders and Sisters are on the same flight thankfully. Oh and don't Google Pacific Hurricane Warning anytime soon. I love you guys! I hope all continues to go well!

Ia ora na
Elder Goodwin
ou Elder MaitaiRe
ou Elder BonGagner
Classic Russell move.

Sister Domenech-Trevisan and Sister Jaquet in class.

Elder Langomazino, Elder Tarau and Elder Tekurio in class.

Trip to the New Zealand Temple at Hamilton

Long days require naps.

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