Monday, 9 November 2015

Mataiea, Tahiti


I’m in tahiti with my companion Elder Ruff! He’s pretty sweet. He comes from Colorado, so he speaks English. My French is doing fine and dandy and teaching lessons are actually pretty fun. 

I am in the Mataiea area on the opposite site of the main island of Tahiti from Pate’ete, and we have a car. We are one of three companionships in our zone that have a car all to themselves. Mataiea is a very poor area. There are alot of dirt roads and a lot of houses that can be compared to a shack for shelter from the rain. It has been raining a lot here, so when we go out we usually wear sandals or something. I'll try and send pictures of what life looks like here. There are a lot of chickens just living in peoples front yard, and a lot of stray dogs… like a lot of stray dogs. They are for the most part pretty nice, but you don’t want to touch them, because they are covered in who knows what. 

Everything basically runs off of the main highway, so it's pretty simple to get around. I ate "poisson cru” my first day in the field and it is sooooooo good. Every evening we have a faataamaraa (dinner) at some of the members place, sometimes two a night. I'm probably going to gain a bunch of weight...  I Love you guys!!! All's well in paradise.
Elder Goodwin

p.s.   I have to use the French keyboard, so sqrry if so,e of ,y e,qils qre hqrd to understqnd:

Elder Ruff

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