Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas and beyond...

Ok, update time. Sorry about the lame emails lately, the holidays have been a confusing time. Christmas here is pretty much like Christmas in Canada, but no snow. A bunch of members and investigators gave us some gifts. They are all chocolate, so our house is now full of chocolate. I am going to gain so much weight. 

The work continues. It is hard to do work these last weeks because everyone was partying and didn’t want to talk to us... so we haven't had much work to do. But now that people have finished Christmas and New Years and it is time to get started again. 

The new house mates are Elder Toame from Vanuatu and Elder Gonzales from France and Spain. They are both pretty awesome. Elder Toame is hilarious... the house has gotten just a little bit more fun, yet surprisingly more focused on the work, which is a really good thing. 

The adventure of the week was that Elder Ruff and I where invited to a birthday party for one of our investigators, so of course we thought it was an awesome idea to go. Let it be known that it was not an awesome idea. We rolled up to a music pumping college type party, so we did what any person would do, and we started with an opening prayer, we ate some food, whilst talking to drunk people. There were four “reirei’s" there. A reirei is a man who dresses up like a woman. They where huge! Like rugby player status, yet they had long bleached hair and kept telling me they liked my tie. Overall a ten-outa-ten experience. Other than that, the work has been continuing. 

I think things are looking up for Mataiea. On a more spiritual side, I’ve learned that missionary work is difficult at times, but the joy I feel is stronger than anything i have felt before. Even when you have been rejected my everyone for the last four hours in the burning sun... at the end of day and you know you were an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and you had some effect on someones eternal salvation. You can't help but smile.

Goofy Christmas photo shoot with  Elders Lee Chip Soa, Mclelland, Ruff and I.

Group photos are with, Elder Lee Chip Soa, Mclelland, Ruff and I and Sisters Augustine (Utah), Toa (Tahitan), Stosich (Montana) and Janeau (French). This group picture is our whole district... all the missionaries from Mataiea to Papeari on the Island of Tahiti.

The face of, "we did 3 hours of contacting, and the only thing we got was a cool selfie over a river."

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