Monday, 11 January 2016

Mataiea - working and learning

We have had the edge of a cyclone sweep the Presqu’ile (the small attached 'almost island’ of the main island of Tahiti) a couple weeks ago, but so far, we have been pretty safe here on the main island. 

Our last P day (preparation day) we went on a hike. It was decent, I enjoyed it. I have been working on my Tahitian a lot lately, the sad thing is that at the New Zealand MTC, they don’t give you language learning tools like a dictionary. but at the Provo MTC you get 4 different books for learning Tahitian, so I have been mooching off of Elder Ruff a lot. I have ordered some books from the mission, so we will see what comes of that, but so far I can understand maybe 30 percent of what people say, and I can speak the ever so slightest bit of it. The issue is, that Tahitian is not spoken nearly as much as French here on the main island, but I have been getting better slowly. 

Mataiea sector has been doing better. We have found a few people with a lot of potential... so the work is progressing a lot. Elder Ruff is the district leader now, so we are slightly more busy, and I have been gaining new experiences everyday. No really crazy stories happened this week, other than Ruff baptizing one of our investigators, and me getting to confirm him. He is an awesome dude. He may be in the top ten of the nicest people I have ever met in all my life, he is the kind of guy that would give you his car if you needed a ride home. 

I miss the cold a bit. It kinda sucks to be burning hot all the time. But I've been getting used to it. It is never colder than 25C here so I've been very warm, day and night.

The Tahitian word of the day is ‘fiu.' It means 'fed up', ‘I’m so done', or being on the edge of giving up. Fiu is a word we use on many occasions in our area. Ha ha. 

Ua here vau ia tatou! (i love you guys)
Elder Goodwin

A recent baptism 

A hike we had last P day. 

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