Monday, 25 January 2016

Big changes and a crazy P-day

I am so sorry guys. 
I won’t have very long at all to email. Tell the people sorry if they ask why I didn’t reply this week. 

My companion, Elder Ruff was transferred to Bora Bora, so this morning we had to drive to Pape’ete, then back home to Mataiea the to Fa’a’a (the airport), then back home. Then to Taravao at the connection of Tahiti and Presqi'ile then here for email. The zone leaders are going back to Fa’a’a to pick my new companion Elder Lo'amanu, he is a Tongan-American dude. He has a lot of mission experience and apparently he has a really good sense of humour. So this is going to be fun. I’ve been driving for hours today.  Je suis fiu!  But at least I didn’t forget how to drive standard.

I’ve learned too much to put into an email so far. all about maturity and the scriptures. This week was honestly a huge challenge for us. We are in the zone with the most potential in the mission, so we get put under a really high standard and Elder Ruff and I consistently had appointments dropped this week. Almost all our lessons that where planned got cancelled, and we ran into some huge speed bumps. It got so bad, we ended doing a split (trading companions) with the zone leaders for two days. So this week I spent two days in Vaira’o. The area goes from Vaira’o to Teahupo’o. It was crazy awesome. It is the most beautiful part of the main island. For one of our lessons we had to cross two rivers in the Toyota Hilux that the zone leaders have. I ended up eating a wierd berry that is super rare. It that makes your sense of taste change. We had a bunch of Marquesian lemons, (smaller but way more sour than normal lemons.) We juiced them into a glass and drank it straight after eating the berry. It ended up not being sour at all, but super sweet, and desirable above all other fruits. T’was a taste I’ve never experienced before. but even if it didn’t taste sour, it made the muscles in my neck do weird things. T’was kind of a strange experience. 

I’m kinda sad to see Elder Ruff go. We never even had an argument. Sometimes we would get into fake arguments, to prevent a real one happening. He kinda became my brother, even though he is technically my “father.” (missionary lingo for your “trainer and first companion). He is now serving in Anau on Bora Bora. We went through a lot together, and I am really glad I got to serve with that guy. Now on to the next companion. Nothing too exiting happened this week, I worked really hard this week, and this preparation day has been full of nothing in particular, so i’m ready for bed already...

But all is well. And life moves on.

Oh and I realized in a previous email, i miss spelled 'ua here otou.’  I said 'ua here tatout' which means I love us , not I love you guys. heh heh. I still kinda suck at this Tahitian thing.

Elder Goodwin

My last selfie with Elder Scruff. This was in fact supposed to be a 'before' photo, of how much our skin colour changes after four hours of contacting in the sun. But afterwards we where too tired to take an 'after' picture.

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