Monday, 18 January 2016

P-days, dogs and driving

You asked about P-day adventures. I have gone hiking at a place called Vaipahi, but other than that, We've driven around the island a few times. We have multi-zone conferences I think once a transfer. We had one recently, with the zones of Punauuia, Paea and Papeari, I am in the zone of Papeari. 

Story of the week is kinda funny to me. Elder Ruff and I where walking to a lesson in one of the sketchier neighbourhoods to go to a lesson. Before you hear this next part I need to explain the dog situation in Tahiti. There are stray dogs everywhere, usually pit bulls, but there are tons of other breeds also. They are usually nice, or ignore that you even exist... and if one is in your way you just say 'hiesh' loudly and it will walk away (most dogs recognize that as a warning). 

Ok, so we are walking, and all is well--nothing could ruin this day. We have had three lessons so far, so we are content with life--and coming around this corner, out of nowhere comes this dog. It attacks Elder Ruff’s right leg. He tore his pants up pretty bad but thankfully the bite didn’t go very deep. We went pretty much directly to a doctor, because we where worried about rabies... but all is well, everything is fine, and my companion is healing. The other day this tiny wiener dog puppy ran up to Elder Ruff, and I jumped in front of him yelling watch-out! and protected him. So basically I am the worst companion ever. 

I don't really have any pictures because this week was pretty lame... sorry. But good news, we had to go to Papeete this morning to get the oil changed in the Avanza or “Bethsheba," as we like to call it. While we where there, I got to do my driving test with the couple missionaries that are over that kind of thing. So now if Elder Ruff gets transferred next week, I will be able to drive. woot! woot!  Driving in downtown Papeete is scary, but I nailed it like a pro. 

Not a lot of cool news... sorry guys, keep on keepin' on!

Faitoito (Goodluck)
Elder Goodwin 

Elder Ruff's leg and destroyed pants

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