Monday, 25 April 2016

Best week of missionary work to date...

Friends and family,

In answer to my parent’s inquiry… my health so far is great. I have only really gotten sick once. I ate a bad sashimi, right as I got transferred. I threw up for an entire night, and had trouble in the heat the next day--but i got over it quick. There are some weird sicknesses here that spread like wild fire. There is one where your eyes get all red and swell up like you have two black eyes! That one is super popular right now.

The challenge we had (see pancake breakfast pictures) was for all the zones to get member references in the challenge was for all the zones to get more member references in the space of three weeks. We got 74 and smashed the goal of 68 President Bize set for us.

This week was the single best week of my mission when it comes to work getting done. We have seen huge success this week with working with local members. I feel they are opening up to us more. Three people we are teaching have set dates for baptism... and there is possible one more that we think may also this week.  Our week comprised of three planned baptisms, 22 lessons, four investigators came to church, we have three new investigators and another three taking the discussions.  But next week is gonna be the make it or break it week. LETS GOOOOO! The next missionary transfer is on the 10th of May, so I think I’m gonna be in Ta’apuna for a little while longer. I’m starting to get used to how to work in the secteur. Things have started to go really well, the challenges that President Bize has been throwing at us has helped me to become a better missionary... because to be honest I haven’t been working much with members because I’m not used to it. But it has a lot of value to a missionary and I’m learning how. 

I passed SIX months on a mission this week. I can't believe how fast this is going. Life is sweet, I love you guys, keep it real! 

Elder Goodwin

A pamplemousse a random nice lady gave us (but Dad thinks it is a pomelo)

Pancake breakfast for those that achieved the challenge.
(courtesy of President Pierre and Bridget Bize's Facebook page) 

Elder Goodwin two tables back...
Typical Goodwin photo bomb
Another classic Goodwin photo bomb..

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