Monday, 11 April 2016

Language soup!

Family and friends,

This week was pretty stressful, but we got a lot of work done. Managed to get a bunch of lessons in. We worked super hard to get them but I have noticed that when you are out of your comfort zone, you start to learn more. There is learning in your comfort zone, but there is no comfort in your learning zone.

In the house we speak either English or French or Tahitian at the moment. English because we have a Tahitian Elder in the house waiting for his visa for the States….Idaho. We have been building Idaho as the coolest place in the U.S. He is so exited. So we jump around the languages. Even when Elder Owens and I are speaking English we use French words out of nowhere, because sometimes it is easier to say things in French than English... or a Tahitian phrase expresses an emotion better. So basically my English is really corrupt right now. It is a little "n'import quoi” in the house. 

Aita fifi—life goes on. 

Other than that I am becoming super comfortable as a missionary and with teaching. Nothing really fazes me anymore. I’ve been studying a lot that I can answer pretty much any question that gets thrown at me. My goal is to be able to answer any question with a scripture.

This week Elder Owens and I bought recorders, so we are working on some super awesome duets. By the time I get home, I should be able to play stairway to heaven by heart. 

We couldn't heal the fridge this week much as we tried... so a lot of our food has had to be thrown away. Kinda sucks, but at least we now know that we are lacking faith in this particular area. Something we can work on.

Elder Goodwin

I bought a pareo from this guy. He gave me permission to “Send this picture all over the world, to all the nations so I get famous.” His exact words. Great guy. this picture perfectly describes how he talks.

New recorders… the house just got a whole lot more annoying!

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