Monday, 18 April 2016

Martial arts and creative missionary work

Hey Dudes. Life is Going alright, no requests for my birthday package other then Canadian themed clothing items and stuff. And a usb stick full of Heavenly tunes.

This week was reasonable. I’m actually starting to get good at jujitsu and I’m getting better at boxing. [Russell and his companion are volunteering at a martial arts gym as his companion is advanced].  Last week, some new guy walked into the jujitsu class, and was super nice. He started asked if he could practice some jujitsu stuff on me, so I obliged. We started doing some tapout together and he started going a little crazy for a practice. People where yelling haere maru at him, which means go slow, but he was doing n'import quoi. So I got a bit fiu and stopped going slow and finished the match. Then he challenges my companion, reasuring him that its just practice. You could tell that he was here to test if my companion knew what he was doing. So they start going, and the guy is doing a bunch of stupid things to my companion, so my companion pulled a move called the teepee and the guy tapped out in about half a second and had trouble breathing for a little while. One of our investigators who is also in the class tipped his hat off to my companion for putting him in his place. Fun times. people don’t understand that my short companion did MMA for 3 years before his mission... so now all the guys from age 15 to 30 in our secteur have tons more respect for us. We have now found two investigators with those classes and now share scripture verses to them after every practice. 

The Tahitian Elder in our house, Elder Mcgrevy, is waiting for his visa for his mission in the U.S./Idaho. He is starting to speak more English to us. and it is hilarious, because he just uses "urban slang" all the time. His favorite word we have taught him is 'dibs’ and he just uses it for random situations. It is so fun just the way he uses it. In the car today another Elder accidentally bonked him in his crotch and he said in his new English 'Don't touch my priesthood!" I may or may not have cried a few tears of joy. He has become one of my favorite people in the world.

Regarding the passing of Mike Wiebe---I am not sure how to express the emotions I am feeling knowing now that Mike has passed on. He was one of the most spiritually focused men I have ever seen... and he was so so humble. I remember having conversations with him during classes. You can truly tell that he was a man that understands the need for us, as people, to try and exemplify, as much as possible, Christ-like attributes. He was a a man I have a hard time imagining being mad or ungrateful—he just always was there to brighten everyones day. For that I am grateful. He truely was an inspiration to me. I am thankful that God has a plan for us all, and I have no doubt in my mind that Mike has a big place reserved for him with his family In heaven.

The work is moving, I’m still in a car, slowly feeling my butt getting bigger. Keep it real.

Orometua Goodwin  

"Sunset over Moorea with satellite dish"

Finding a tiny bit of shade at the chapel.
Shade, precious shade...

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