Monday, 13 June 2016

Hey guys! 

Yes the watch straps fit perfect. I’ve got some sick pictures of Tautira beach that we visited last Monday (P-day).  

I’ve got some rather strange news... I GOT TRANSFERRED!

An Elder got an ingrown toenail and can no longer be in a bike secteur until he heals up. So I got emergency transfered last night to PAPEHUE in the zone of PAEA. dang. I Finally started to really love Taapuna, and now I have to leave... it kinda sucks but I guess the Lord needs me here. I have now been transferred twice, both emergency transfers. People are now saying that I’m the emergency transfer King. This time because an Elder got an ingrown toenail... well whatever, I guess its kinda cool to see another part of the island.

I am now in a bike secteur, which is awesome, but I have heard from many people that this secteur is challenging. One month ago they where only doing about three lessons a week, and now they are getting about 10. I feel as though these next couple months might be a little bit different. My companion is a big Tahitian dude. His name is Elder Tapuhiro, and he is actually pretty sick. (editor’s note: I think he means really cool). He is waiting for his visa to go to Sidney, Australia. He has only been on his mission for about three months now. So I am the senior companion. A rumour is going around that he may be leaving in a couple of weeks depending on his visa, so I don’t have very long time to get to know the secteur. 

We live alone in our house, The house is super tiny, and it is in the front yard of a member in our Ward. There are no thiefs that come into the house at night like our last place. Apparently they never lock the house, and have never had anything stolen from them.

I really enjoyed serving with Elder Owens, he is a very very good missionary and I learned a lot from him. He is a crazy cool dude.  Well now I’m on to the next big thing on my mission….

Elder Goodwin
View from Tautira Beach -  Northeast part of the Island of Tahiti

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