Monday, 6 June 2016

Orometua Faufaamaitai

Hey Guys I have internet today! yay! 

It's good to hear all is going well on the flip side. It's crazy to hear all the changes that happened this week... it must have been a shock for everyone. 

The weather here has actually been quite different lately. We are leaning into the cool season, so it actually gets quite cool during the night. I don't know what temperature it is but I have to use a blanket sometimes. But during the day it heats up and gets pretty dang hot as usual. I've noticed that my perception of cool or cold it very different now. I am currently sitting in a room with AC, and it is 24° C and I am pretty cold at this moment. 

I have heard that Jeff is growing his beard out until I get home. With his shortish height, red-ish hair and a big nose, he is slowly turning into a dwarf I imagine.

I got the birthday package on Friday. ITS SO AWESOME. its like Christmas . The watch straps are actually awesome, now I can coordinate colours. As you can see from the pictures, we got our ties last week, and have been wearing a bunch. They are fantastic! 

The mission this week has been pretty good, I have been really enjoying the work lately.  My companion and I have been working really well together. And the house that we live in has a bunch of really fun, yet super hard working Elders, so the house isn't boring when we get home in the evening. We get a bunch done during the day. 

Mom, the music stick is awesome, keep in mind that MP3 format songs work on most devices but M4A formats only work on some. No big deal, I'm pretty sure I can convert them somehow. but I love the music on there and if you ever want me to learn a Debussy song or something, just scan the music and email it, I can print it off and start to learn it over here. 

Gross story of the week...
My poop was in fact a Christmas-tree green colour. I do not know why it is that colour, and I haven't really eaten anything out of the ordinary, so the most logical conclusion I can come up with is that I have a disease and that I am going to die of here. (I feel OK though!)

Well, I've really come to enjoy this secteur, even though I feel like I work on the same road every day. We have a couple baptisms coming up for sure. We have a bunch of really excellent people investigating at this moment. 

There is a transfer on the 20th, and I will most likely get a new companion, so we will see what the next couple weeks hold in store for me. OH and I got my Faufaamaitai name tag. I don't really wear it for doing work, but sometimes I wear it in Faatamaaraa's (a meal in someone's home) and stuff, just because the members think its cool.

Well ...I love you guys, I can't think of anything interesting to talk about... just know that I love you!

Elder Goodwin 

My new name tag! My Tahitian nickname.
I got to wear this nice fellow's hair the other day. And yes that is his real hair!

The tie draft! We got our beautiful ties made from local print fabrics! Three "mamies" (Grandmothers) in our Ward slaved away for us four in the apartment.
Roommate silliness
When we found this nice fellow he said it is the first time he has seen missionaries at his portail (gate) for 18 years. We have been teaching him a bunch and wants to come back. He is a super awesome guy
Dog= Yumi, cutest little guy in the South Pacific.

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