Monday, 24 October 2016

Bora Bora... first week

Iaorana Ta'u Utuafare. Eaha ta outou huru? 
Hello my family, what's up?

Yeah, Elder Loyd went home. He got crazy super sick and nobody knew what it was. Because of that there were only 5 missionaries on Bora for about 3 weeks.. so Elder Larsen served in another Ward on Bora until I arrived. So there have been no missionaries in the area for a couple weeks. I didn’t really know Elder Loyd too well. He served on Tahiti for a bit and then he went to a super cool island called Tubuai. Then he arrived on Bora. so I’ve seen him around but I dont know a lot about him. We all hope that he can come back pretty soon. 

To answer your questions. There are Three Wards on Bora Bora, but only one chapel. They bought the land for Stake Center a little while ago, because they are thinking of taking the Islands of Tahaa, Maupiti and Bora Bora and making the Stake of Bora Bora pretty soon… but we don’t really know when they are going to do that. 

I don’t know how to explain where we live, because addresses don’t exist here. If you want to describe were you live you have to do it by land marks. We live basically on the oposite side of the island (the east side) to the chapel. We live ocean-side of the highway and we have a very small house. I actually love the house. Actually, I just looked at google maps, we live in VAIROU bay. You will see a long dock. Go south of that dock a couple meters and you will see a second smaller dock. We live in the white roof house in the property just south of that small dock. We aren’t right next to the ocean, we are the one closer to the highway. (have fun)

Elder Larsen is super awesome, we have a very similar sense of humor, but he still works really, really hard and speaks very good French for being only 12 weeks in the field. So far, I’m having tons of fun and getting a lot of work done. 

I like the more rural area of the island. It is a lot more quiet, but our area is huge, Its literally the most northern point of the island to the most southern point of the island, known as Matira beach. Its freakin massive. My last area was 1.5 kilometres long, this one is over 15 kilometres long.

My bike arrived on the boat "the HavaikiNui" on Friday. Our area would suck to bike in, but if our lessons are close it wouldn't be too bad. 

I got to meet the Ward on Sunday and it went really well. They were kinda happy to see the missionaries back after 3 weeks of nothing. They seem super cool, I'm crazy pumped to get this Ward moving. The work in Anau is a bit sleepier than the other two Wards. Its kind of a rough start because we had no lessons fixed this week. So we visited a lot of people and did a lot of contacting, so next week we have a bunch of stuff to do and we will hopefully start getting this area pumpin out some big numbers. 

Well, one year has passed, I am now slowly working my way though the second half of my mission. I burned a shirt the other night. I’ve got some cool pictures of that, 
I just have to wait a bit to send the pictures and can use the other computer. 

What do you guys want to know how to say in Tahitian? I don’t know what to teach you guys...

Elder Goodwin

Matira Beach

Cute little hermit crab/ Matira Beach 

A nice little cake a member got me for me for my hump day anniversary.
Preparing for the ceremonial burning of the worst white shirt for the one year anniversary.

Ho'e matahiti i roto ta'u misioni. One year on my mission!

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