Monday, 31 October 2016

Getting to know our new Ward

Dear friends and family,

In answer to your questions about the island… we have a couple cheaper 4 star and lower resorts in our area; (Anau, Vairou Bay) but all of the five-star $10 000 dollar a night resorts are on the Motu’s, (little atoll islands surrounding the main island). Every once and a while, our wards head over there to the motu's for ward activities. It’s really nice to be in a rural area, but when the population is more spread out, making it more difficult to be efficient as a missionary. When your next lesson is at the other side of the island, it makes it tough to get to lessons on time.

it is about 15 kilometers for us to get to the chapel (in Vaitapi) from our house, so it is about a 25 to 30 minute drive If you don't get stuck behind a rental car moving at about 20 kilometers an hour. The island is 32 Kilometers around.

No need of shoe polish, I’m still going strong, 

Halloween here is a little different, they didn't really go door-to-door like we do. They just dress up an go to parties and there is a fare amount of drinking… We actually hardly noticed it was halloween until a member brought it up. A couple members gave us some candy. 

In The French Polynesian islands, the only real land animal that can do some sort of harm are wild pigs. But they tend to hang out high up in the mountain. Every once and a while you run into a goat wilst contacting up in the mountain. 

Ok Tahitian lesson time.
1 Hoe, 2 Piti, 3 Toru, 4 Maha, 5 Pae, 6 Ono, 7 Hitu, 8 Va’u, 9 Iva, 10 Ahuru, 
11 Ahuru ma Hoe, 12 Ahuru ma Piti, ….20 Piti Ahuru, 21 Piti Ahuru ma Hoe, etc.

I Love you = "Ua here vau ia oe" (one person talking to one person), “Ua here vau ia orua" (one person talking to two people), "Ua here vau ia outou" (one person talking to 3 or more people.)

Hi, how are you = Iaorana, Eaha ta (Oe,Orua,Outou) Huru? or for short. Iaorana, Achuru? 

Merry Christmas = Ia oaoa (oe, orua, outou) teie noela (L's in Tahitian are pronounced as R's)

Does this dress make me look fat? = E mea poria anei vau i roto i teie ahu?

I will send pictures of the apartment next week. 

This week was really great, lots of work was accomplished. companion is still doing great, supper good missionary. no complaints!

Elder Goodwin

Elder Larsen and I helping a Mami make Firifiri

Deep fried flour, sugar, yeast and coconut milk goodness!

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  1. Hey Elder! I'm glad I came across your blog. What a beautiful place full of beautiful people. Reminds me of where I am now, southern China. (It's Céline/Frenchi from CJMS/efyeurope!) Keep up the great work :)