Monday, 17 October 2016

Transferred: already missing Papehue, but excited about my next island adventure

Hello everyone,

Wellllllll. Big news, I got a call Thursday night that I needed to be transferred to replace an Elder that got really sick. So on Sunday I had to take an airplane all the way to a a small island… I'm not sure if you have heard of it. It's called Bora Bora. I am serving in the Ward of Anau, which covers the entire east side of the island. Its a really big area, but thankfully we have the car. There are 3 areas on Bora, (Fa'anui, Vaitape and Anau). Cool story, my old companion Elder Owens is serving in Vaitape right now so it is really cool to be able to see that guy. 

The main island is pretty poor and a lot more wild and quiet than Tahiti. But the areas around the hotels, and out on the "Motu's" (the atols around the island) where it is super touristy and beautiful. But there is still a lot of white sand. This place is mega beautiful! There seems to be a lot more Tahitian spoken here so I am excited to get more opportunity to speak it. 

I will be sure to send a bunch of awesome Bora pictures. We are going to go to a couple cool spots for our P-day, so you guys will see a couple cool pictures. Stay tuned!

Other than that my last week in Papehue was super good. We got a lot of work done and had a good time doing it. I really love that Ward. I'm gonna miss them a lot. 

Life is going good. Love you guys.

Elder Goodwin

Bora Bora airport arrival!
Boat to the main island

My new companion, Elder Larsen in our assigned car. He's from Kaysville, Utah and has been on his mission 11 weeks.

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